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The Jewish state is torn by conflict and under fire from enemies on all sides. But this is not a simple attack on one country, it’s an attack on the Zionist regime in the Middle East.

As the U.S. administration rolls out its plan for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, take a stand in solidarity against those who strive to tear the Holy City from the hearts and hands of the Jewish people by requesting your  US-Jewish people.s Flag Pin that you can   proudly demonstrate your commitment to  the Jewish people, and the Palestinians that suffer so under the rein of terror by the Zionist , that are impostures  of  The good for the benefit of Zionism the real EVIL.


Dear Ronald,

There is no peace in Palestine today because Israel is able to commit crimes against the Palestinians with impunity.

Israel is able to commit crimes with impunity because it has the financial, military, and diplomatic backing of the United States.

The US government is able to sustain its policy of supporting Israel’s crimes because the mainstream media serve to manufacture public consent for it by systematically misinforming the public about the nature of the conflict.

There are numerous fundamental falsehoods that are popularly believed. Actually, these falsehoods are just Zionist propaganda talking points that dominate the public discourse.

Here are 10 such falsehoods:

1. The Palestinian refugee problem is an unfortunate result of the Arab states launching a war of aggression in 1948 to wipe Israel off the map.

2. Israel has a right to exist.

3. In 1967, Israel acted in self-defense by launching a preemptive attack on Egypt.

4. UN Resolution 242 did not require Israel to fully withdraw from the territories it occupied in 1967.

5. The Palestinians have rejected every generous offer from Israel to have a state of their own.

6. Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip is legal — the UN has said so.

7. Israel launched “Operation Cast Lead” only after thousands of rockets had been fired at Israeli towns from Gaza.

8. Palestinian civilians were only killed during operations like “Cast Lead” because they were being used by Hamas as human shields.

9. The finding of the UN “Goldstone Report” that Israel committed war crimes during Operation Cast Lead has been debunked.

10. Hamas was responsible for initiating the round of violence that culminated in Israel’s launching of “Operation Pillar of Defense” in 2012.

So if we want to effect the paradigm shift necessary for a just peace to be realized, how do we answer these Zionists lies?



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