By: Stuart Littlewood,Redress

   The place where Christianity was born is defiled by a brutal military occupation that has turned a beautiful, very special historic region, precious to three religions, into a swamp of racial hatred resulting in unspeakable crimes against the indigenous population… In Britain the usual suspects againtried to destabilize Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and damage his prospects of becoming prime minister by firing another ‘anti-Semitism’ broadside.

Essential news about Palestine, Israel, and related topics

 Those that Murdered Christ,

will continue to kill and maim Christians & Muslims.  their agenda is to destroy anything related to such, including destruction of our holy land.  

Gaza March Massacre draws a wide range of reactions

By Kathryn Shihadah. The world was watching as peaceful

Gazan protesters met heavilyarmed Israeli soldiers at the

border Saturday.  Responses to the violence range fromfull

support to utter  denial.

Debunking Israel’s Talking Points on Deadly Gaza Protests
By Marilyn Garson, Ha’aretz. Hamas is not Gaza and Gazais not Hamas. Civilian Gazans’ willingness to walk to that fence is not a measure of their support for Hamas.It measures their yearning to express themselves ashumans and claim their freedom,even at immediate risk.
Israeli forces shoot deaf child in head in Gaza, Israel will not

investigate deaths PIC: A Palestinian deaf child was shot and

seriously injured by Israeli gunfire east of Khuzaa town to the

east of Khan Younis city in the southern Gaza Stripon Sunday.

 The spokesman of the Palestinian Health Ministry,

Ashraf al-Qudrah, affirmed  that the boy sustained a critical

injury in the head and that he was.

Gideon Levy: The Israel Massacre Forces

From Ha’aretz. Israeli military snipers fired at hundreds of

civilians, hitting over 750 and killing 15, but two Palestinians

who dared return fire at the soldiers who were massacring

them are “terrorists,” their actions labeled“terror attacks”

and their sentence – death. The shooting on the Gaza border

shows once again that the killingof Palestinians is accepted

in Israel more lightly than the killing of mosquitoes.

Videos from Gaza show Israeli forces shoot unarmed woman,  

boy running away from border, man praying, etc Videos from

Gaza show Israeli forces shooting a woman slowly walking,

a boy running away from the border, a man praying, etc.

The Israeli military defends its its actions, tweeting:

 “everything was accurate and measured; we know where

every bullet landed.”

Gaza fact sheet to disseminate about why Palestinians are  marching

Downloadable fact sheet to distribute at vigils, demonstrations, etc. Since U.S. media

coverage of Gaza is sparse and/or flawed, it is essential to provide people with the facts

(contains clickable citations).

Headlines from Gaza by Chris Smiley” – 5 minute video news report with powerful

footage from Gaza about the Great March of Return… footage Israel won’t want

people to see. 

Latest news on Great March of Return in Gaza – periodically updated

Latest numbers: Israeli forces kill 18, injure over 1,700 (800 with live gunfire.

Take action here to stop Israel’s killing of unarmed demonstrators We will post

updates here as we learn of them. Please check back often. You can also check

IMEMC, Maan, WAFA and Al Jazeera for their latest reports. Ha’aretz also

often has valuable reports

Updated: Israeli Soldiers Kill Ten Palestinians, Injure 1100 In Gaza

From IMEMC (updated) 30 MAR 4:14 PM The Number of Palestinians killed by

Israeli army fire, Friday, has arrived to ten young men, while at least 1100 were

injured.  Many of the wounded Palestinians suffered serious wounds.Dr. Ashraf

Al-Qedra, the spokesperson of the Health Ministry in Gaza, identified the slain

Palestinians as: Jihad Ahmad.

Israeli forces kill 6 unarmed marchers and a farmer in Gaza and

injure hundreds. From Al Jazeera. Israeli forces have killed seven unarmed

Palestinians in Gaza as thousands march for freedom and to return to their

homes. The “Great March of Return” has been organized by by civil society

organizations and all political factions in the besieged enclave.

AP’s slanted report on Gaza Return March, corrected and annotated

By Kathryn Shihadah. The Associated Press’s news story on the upcoming

Great Return March echoes Israeli talking points…

Israel deploys 100 sharpshooters against planned mass Gandhian

demonstration by Gaza families Israeli forces are mobilizing against

a mass peaceful protest by Palestinian families in Gaza demonstrating

for their right of return to land that Israel has confiscated for Jewish

only habitation… Their demands: “to be let out from the cage you have

bound them in, to fish without being shot, to return to the village that

you have torn down, to travel outside the barbed wire you surround

them with… The Israeli cabinet has issued a “shoot to kill” policy.

Israel bars Gaza Christians from Easter worship By Tamara Nassar, 

The Electronic Intifada. Israel’s callous disregard for Palestinian

freedom to worship grows even more brazen than usual this Easter,

adding to an already long list of human rights abuses. It’s business

as usual under occupation.

Easter question: Is this what Christ died for? By Stuart Littlewood, 

Redress. The place where Christianity was born is defiled by a brutal

military occupation that has turned a beautiful, very special historic

region, precious to three religions, into a swamp of racial hatred

resulting in unspeakable crimes against the indigenous population…

In Britain the usual suspects again tried to destabilize Jeremy

Corbyn’s leadership and damage his prospects of becoming

prime minister by firing another ‘anti-Semitism’ broadside.

The Middle East Is Heating Up — Again: An Interview With Richard Falk

By C.J. Polychroniou, Truthout. Richard Falk discusses critical Middle East

topics, including the legality of Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem, Iran and

Trump’s “special relationships” with Israel and Saudi Arabia, the future of

Syria, and hope for justice in Israel-Palestine.


This attack on Corbyn and the Labour left in the run-up to Easter is a reminder of the deep racism and the religious war being waged in the Holy Land.

The place where Christianity was born is defiled by a brutal and illegal military occupation that has gone unpunished for 70 years and turned a beautiful and very special historic region, precious to three religions, into a swamp of racial hatred resulting in unspeakable crimes against the native Arab population hundreds of thousands of whom have been cruelly dispossessed of their homes and lands and forced to flee.

Gaza City, Aug. 2, 2014. The boy with bandage is 5-year-old Seraj Ismail Abdel Al, wounded in an overnight Israeli strike. (AP photo by Lefteris Pitarakis)

The Israel Project was a Zionist political initiative of the late 1800s given a huge boost by the murky scheming behind the Balfour Declaration of 1917, actually drafted by Zionist Leopold Amery. It caused Lord Sydenham to remark: “What we have done is, by concessions, not to the Jewish people but to a Zionist extreme section, to start a running sore in the East, and no one can tell how far that sore will extend.”

Well, now we know. And it suits the Israel lobby to confuse the issue by conflating anti-Zionist views with anti-Semitism.

The Israel lobby insists Israel is not an “apartheid state”. But this puts it at odds with a recent United Nations report and the facts on the ground. The lobby is also furious about the success of BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions), the non-violent movement by civil society as a result of the international community’s failure to act. It aims to persuade Israel to comply with international law and UN resolutions, recognise the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and end its occupation and colonisation of their lands.

Theresa May warns she’ll “have no truck” with people who support BDS. But 200 legal scholars and practising lawyers have pointed out that it is a lawful exercise of freedom of expression and outlawing it undermines a basic human right protected by international convention.

Who are the Israel lobby anyway? Essentially the Friends of Israel groups that are allowed to flourish within our political parties (except the SNP, which has resisted pressure to let them in), backed by the BDBJ and the JLC who claim to speak for the Jewish community. This is a noisy coalition that certainly isn’t supported by all Jews. A growing number of Jewish organisations are highly critical of the Israeli state and its policies. Not all Jews are Zionists – and not all Zionists are Jews; indeed a very large number are Christians, especially in the US.

Discontent about the conduct of the Jewish State and its military is spreading even among Israelis. At the Labour Party conference last year Miko Peled told activists that Israel is “terrified” of Jeremy Corbyn becoming British prime minister. He said:

They are going to pull all the stops, they are going to smear, they are going to try anything they can to stop Corbyn from being prime minister….

The reason anti-Semitism is used is because they [the Israelis] have no argument, there is nothing to say. How can a call for justice and tolerance be conflated with anti-Semitism? I don’t know if they realise this but they are pitting Judaism against everything good and just.

Peled is an Israeli Jew, the son of an Israeli general, and a former soldier in the Israeli army.

I’d be more impressed with Corbyn if he turned on his tormentors and told them straight: “You yourselves need to condemn the horrendous crimes committed by the Israeli regime against the Palestinians, and urge the Jewish State to end its occupation, recognise Palestinian independence, restore the refugees to their homes (or provide compensation), and issue a fulsome apology for past wrongs. That’s when I will begin to listen to you.”

I’m also waiting for him to demand an explanation for the Israelis’ anti-Semitism. It turns out, or so we’re told, that the true Semites are the Arabs, and most Israelis are Ashkenazi coverts with no ancestral links to the Holy Land at all.

That’s not all. The Israel lobby might like to reflect on the desperate cry for help from over 30 Christian organisations in occupied Palestine to the World Council of Churches (WCC) and the ecumenical movement recently. They had issued a similar heart-wrenching plea 10 years earlier. Their message now is stark:

Things are beyond urgent. We are on the verge of a catastrophic collapse. The current status-quo is unsustainable. This could be our last chance to achieve a just peace. As a Palestinian Christian community, this could be our last opportunity to save the Christian presence in this land… We need brave women and men who are willing to stand in the forefront. This is no time for shallow diplomacy…

But shallow diplomacy is all they get still. The response from the WCC, which represents 500 million Christians in more than 110 countries, has been heavily muted or non-existent. Feeble leadership means that Western Christendom could soon say goodbye forever to the wellspring of their faith, Jerusalem, which is being stolen from under their noses. Do they care? Apparently not.

A priest inspects the damage caused to the Church of the Multiplication on the Sea of Galilee, set on fire in what police suspect was an arson attack by Jewish extremists, June 18, 2015. In an entrance corridor of the building, believed by Christians to be the site of Jesus’s miracle of multiplying two fish and five loaves to feed 5,000 people, Hebrew graffiti was found, reading, “The false gods will be eliminated” — a quote from the Aleinu prayer. (Basel Awidat/Flash90) The Israel lobby is no doubt celebrating.

The illegal occupier also restricts access to Islam’s third most holy place, the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Do Muslim rulers care? They are so divided they cannot mobilise effectively to deal with it.

As someone who has witnessed the racial abuse of Palestinian Arabs (Christian and Muslim) and seen how their homeland – the Holy Land – has been made a living hell, I’d love to know what the 500 million Christians and 1.8 billion Muslims in this world are going to do about it.