What miscarriage of American Politics:


Keep  him  in office  2020 
A man who won’t
stand up for what
he believes, isn’t a

President Trump is such a MAN !

He believes in America and all AMERICANS.
Donald Trump and his family are Americans.
Their allegiance is to America, not Dual allegiance
with a foreign lobby & special interest groups such
as the DEMO-RATS do. They are citizens with Israel
and bow to the corrupt Zionist Syndicate. The same
as all media bobble heads owned by the same.

Connolly Threatens to Jail Trump Officials Who Won’t Comply With Subpoenas – Do You Support Trump’s Stonewalling? https://www.countable.us/articles/26187-connolly-threatens-jail-trump-officials-won-t-comply-subpoenas-do-support-trump-s-stonewalling

What miscarriage of American Politics:
Connolly Threatens to Jail Trump Officials Who Won’t Comply
With Subpoenas – Do You Support Trump’s Stonewalling?
We all know that the Democ-rats have been on a witch hunt
ever since the election.  The Trump officials may have a
constitutional obligation to answer a subpoena, how ever
they also have a Constitutional right to the 5 Th Amendment.
I would not think that is stonewalling against a congress that
is the most corrupt congress in the history of America.
If any one goes to jail, the evidence is there for Hillary and
many others to be JAILED. The DUAL Citizens with a foreign
country, and support the genocide and human rights
violations , and give away of our tax dollars should stand
before a firing squad.
Congress is building the hate in America because of their
ignorance of the American people, and the shaky ground
they are standing on. America knows the difference between
ZIONISM, and Judaism .  The Zionist Apartheid State of Israel,
is not a Jewish State. Just ask a true Jewish person that also
hates ZIONISM. 
We want Americans for America in our government, not the
Corrupt Bastards that occupy our congressional SEATS.

The Mueller REPORT

The Mueller REPORT has been finished, and the $42 Million tax payer cost gave a complete Investigation report. Mueller conducted the investigation, because this Democrat controlled Congress demanded it. Once completed, it did not co-inside with the False Statements of democrats Schiff & Nadler, they were lying the whole time. There is now a HUGE divide between the American People and the false dual conspirator Israeli Democrats. Fools brace yourselves, you are in for a hell of a ride to JAIL. and soon. You know the indictments are coming soon, very soon.

THE SWAMP  “YOU” is about to be DRAINED..

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