What every American needs to know about Israel-Palestine

See the boys the US media ignored, and the story of how they were killed.  View this email in your browser

What America  needs  is BDS of AIPAC

Dear Sleeping American People:

What none of the MEDIA will cover–Even Fox News stays completely Silent on the Genocide. WHY?


Please take five minutes to watch and share our latest video on two young Palestinian teens killed by Israel on July 14th. The video tells about these boys, the circumstances of their deaths, and the full context. It shows that the Israeli airstrikes that killed them also hit a hospital, a university, a mosque, and an arts & crafts village.

The Arts & Crafts village contained traditional Palestinian artifacts and other archeological items.

Luay Kahil and Amir an-Nimra were best friends.

This destruction was made possible thanks to the U.S. Congress and their reckless and treasonous expenditure of your tax dollars.

Click here to watch the video – please don’t forget to share it. This is the latest of our videos to prevent these deaths, ignored by the media, from being forgotten. It is our goal to make these victims real for Americans. For a playlist of these videos please go here. (For a list of Palestinians and Israelis killed since 2000 see our Timeline.)

The US Congress is currently considering an AIPAC promoted $38 billion aid package to Israel – $23,000 per every Jewish Israeli family of four. It is essential that Americans learn how Israel uses our money.

Thank you for your support. Your tax-deductible donations are what make our work possible. We greatly appreciate and need your continued contributions.

Alison Weir



WATCH: 60 Minutes’ Mike Wallace reports on AIPAC and the Israel Lobby – 1988
Reporter Mike Wallace’s 1988 report on AIPAC, pro-Israel pacs, Senators Chuck Percy, John Chafee, diplomat George BAll, CBS poll showing that 72 percent of Americans felt Israel gets too much money… AIPAC set the tone for campaign donations to 80 pro-Israel pacs around the nation that gave candidates $6 million… Read the rest of this entry

Watch: Congressman Gus Savage exposes the Israel Lobby’s illicit tactics
In 1990 Illinois Congressman Gus Savage gave an hour-long speech in Congress in which he detailed how AIPAC subverts the democratic process on behalf of Israel. “The purpose of AIPAC is to promote a foreign nation, not in America’s interest, an organization operating within America composed of Americans, in the interest of a foreign nation interfering in the internal affairs and the elections of this Nation…”  Read the rest of this entry

Israeli interference in United States Elections:

Israeli intervention in US elections ‘vastly overwhelms’ anything Russia has done,or any Country :claims Noam Chomsky

The American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the most powerful pro-Israel lobby in the US, is holding its biggest annual conference yet with around 13,000 delegates in Washington.

For all those bidding to become the next US president, it has become an essential campaign stop. The group has strong ties to the religious right and evangelical voters. And it is a very influential force in Washington politics.

Demonstrators from the occupy movement held a small protest outside the event urging no war on Iran and no US tax dollars for Israel.

89% of the present congress are dual citizens with Israel. That is an out right crime against the American people and our values.

Presently supporting a genocide, and the worst human rights violations since the holocaust.

Zionism is not Judaism . Zionism is an organized syndicate for world take over. Judaism is a faith of the Jewish people that is also in conflict with Zionism, and in general are silenced by Zionist.


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