We AMERICANS support our President DONALD  TRUMP

He is doing all he promised he would. Regardless of the BIAS media, The Democrat Party obstructionism, Zionism, and out right Treason, Malfeasance, and Corruption.

We are outraged by the attacks continually, and the child-est behavior of all the Democrat officials. The Media, and Democrat leaders are all out of touch ‘with we the people”.

From all corners of our Country, what we hear is we will support President Trump. We trust him completely over the POLARIZED system the rest are embedded with.  

We are tired of the give-A ways, the Foreign policies and influence on congress. The special interest & DUAL citizenship is complete conflict. LOOK at all the Democrats spend outside of our borders.

Nothing is approved for US the American People & Country.

Immigration is one thing. BUT open arms to illegals is wrong, open borders is wrong, out-sourcing jobs is wrong. Going to WAR over false information, and Foreign direction is wrong.

Making  “AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” point blank we have awakened, we were the sleeping giant unaware of the Colonization by the Zionist movement with-in our government, but now, no one denies it they just stay silent, search out the leak if there is and get ride of it. Of course we have seen the false flag game, or a created smoke screen, right now all we hear on the media is the Royal Family wedding situation, while the worst part of the on going GENOCIDE in the Middle East is being conducted, No condemnation toward the murders, but rather how wrong the unarmed protesters are, how dare that the oppressed would protest oppression.

How weak is Americans memory, why is our OFFICIALS supporting it. COME ON AMERICANS speak out.

WE WOULD NOT SIT BACK IF IT WERE ANY WHERE ELSE. The conflict, 89% of OUR Congress is a DUAL citizen of Israel. ZIONIST ISRAEL, the top 2% of America, that right now control 95% of America’s money, most in off shore accounts.

The only way to PEACE

We are angry, frustrated, and ready. The  Gadsden Flag is our LOGO as the AMERICAN people. Republicans, Democrats, Independents, with out any discrimination other then by nationality  AMERICAN ONLY. Vote for true American born with one citizenship.

BOYCOTT, DIVEST,& SANCTION ISRAEL: Go back to ’67 Border Agreement +++ STOP the AIPAC foreign LOBBY. (STOP THE GENOCIDE)


Remember:  America First — Make America Great Again — American Only OUR POLL RESULTS:

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Poll Results:

Yes – Impeachment is inevitable, it’s best that he just steps down

(23,503) 16%

No – He has done nothing wrong and should continue leading our country

(124,784) 84%

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