To make America great again, several things must happen. See the list below:


!.  American only in government positions:  Reinstate the Nationality Law of 1940

2. Foreign Interest lobbying should be made illegal. AIPAC is complete foreign interest.
3. Campaign financing reform.
4. Foreign Aid, foreign policies need to be changed. No Nation building.
5. Boycott, Divest, and Sanction Israel for Human Rights violations, illegal occupations, and Genocide.
6. Set term limits on Senators & Congress “The House of Rep’s”.
7. National  Security. Build the Wall, enforce our immigration Laws.
8. Audit the federal reserve.has not been done since the 1950″s:
9. Public Reformations at election times for the people to decide instead of controlled false polls.
10. Hold people in public office accountable.


Senate committee approves AIPAC bill to give Israel $38 billion over 10 years, with additional perks

On a recent trip abroad, The Times of Israel spoke with law enforcement sources who confirmed what we have long suspected but preferred not to believe. While law enforcement bodies overseas are devoting considerable effort and resources to tackling binary options, forex, cryptocurrency and other financial fraud emanating from Israel, Israeli police and other law enforcement bodies are not cooperating effectively with these efforts, and at times are actively stonewalling them.

Requests from overseas for help in bringing binary options operatives to justice, for example, are met with an exceedingly slow and partial response, and in some cases with no response at all, the Times of Israel was told. The assertion that “we outlawed binary options” is frequently voiced by Israeli officials, we were told by overseas law enforcement personnel, as though the fact that Israel passed a law last October banning this particular form of fraud means there is no need to bring its many thousands of perpetrators to justice.

Israel becoming a promised land of impunity for crooks and fraudsters?

Over the last decade, Israel has become a global hub of investment scams, employing more than 10,000 citizens — many of them new immigrants and foreign-language speakers — in boiler rooms throughout the country, selling fraudulent binary options, forex, CFDs (contracts for differences) and cryptocurrency investments over the phone and internet to people abroad. Victims are lured into investments under false pretenses, and the vast majority lose their money. When the victim protests, the “broker” more often than not disappears with the money. Binary options fraud alone was estimated to be earning between $5 billion and $10 billion a year before it was banned by a Knesset law that took effect on January 26 of this year. Some binary options operatives have simply ignored the ban, continuing to offer the product from Israel, while others now sell fraudulent forex or cryptocurrency investments, and still others have moved their operations abroad to countries including Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, Panama, Poland, Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Serbia.

What could possess Israel, a tiny country of fewer than 9 million people that is deeply dependent on trade, diplomatic and military ties with Western countries, to stonewall its allies’ efforts to thwart and bring to justice the Israeli criminals who are defrauding these countries’ citizens? In fact, shouldn’t Israel be grateful for any help it can get in tackling what a senior Israel Police officer has acknowledged is its escalating organized crime problem?

Democrats at their best:
Getting ready to pick up her toys and
return home. No better time then right
now!!  Let us show you Democrats the
way to the EXIT.



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