Threats facing America.


Threats facing America.

Number one threat is the Dual Citizenship Congress that has  sworn allegiance to Israel, such loyalty takes billions of our  tax money, $38 Billion this year, sent to Israel. Then denies us security  at our borders. 

The migrant caravan is next of the gravest threats facing America.  George Soros, The Hillary Democrats’ Billionaire Puppet master? Financed & promoted the caravan to destruct America’s immigration  policies. and more. This is the most recent crisis in  the USA. 

AIPAC, a foreign interest Zionist group, that is the largest lobby in the world. Fiances campaigns in both parties as long as the candidate swears allegiance to Israel. That now amounts to 89% of our congress, staffers, department heads, many past Presidents, governors, cabinet members, Judges, it is fast becoming a colonization     of America, the USA, Canada, and soon Mexico.

Globalization, is the intent of the Zionist Syndicate. It has been well on their way.  Since 1948. Prior to which America was at its greatest. At this time we have a  President  that is attempting to make America great again, but it will take us  the American people to support him to save America, our Constitution, and our            Democracy. LOOK at all the attacks on Our President, Elected by we the people,  much to their surprise, with all they own & control. For the first in our history over 50% of congress are millionaires. None pay attention to the needs of us the people, only to their own & Zionist wants.

I have followed what is called ” Conspiracy Theories” since the late 60’s doing the Johnson Presidency. I became a Police Officer Nov. 1966, the assassination  of President Kennedy gave me the determination to become an officer.

I have several news clippings that I saved, I recently loaned  them to a teacher friend to show other teachers & classes. It is amazing to me, that there is no American History being taught , look close at the Zionist Agenda on all campuses at all levels in this Country .

I attended (5) academies in my career. I also earned my degree’s in Criminal Justice,    including a master’s. The first academy was taught by several FBI Agents, and instructors from the different agencies with-in the County.

I had several discussions with agents about the changes going on, and predictions  they had about what they  believed was ahead, they agreed  President Kennedy was on  the right track along with Robert Kennedy, the attorney General at the time of  the JFK  killing. 

They were after Organized Crime, A Syndicate that was becoming extremely  powerful in wealth, politics, business development. White Collar heavy weights, that    were extremely different from what was known as the “Mafia”  more of a blue collar type family business of the men & first born son.

We will never know the whole truth, those were the words of my father-in-law when Jack Ruby shot Harvey Oswald. They just covered their tracks, this is bigger then most will know for 50-60 years if ever.  Our Democracy is in big trouble with that G.D. Johnson as President will be our downfall. He was responsible  for the cover-up.

This is Tuesday Dec 11 Th, 2018. I just now listened to the News and what the words  of Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House, were regarding President Trump and the nasty things said. TODAY is day of complete obstruction to the President by the Left.

Trump has shown he is not Democrat, nor is he all Republican. Trump is showing he is President of America, these United States, and the American People are the people  he represents.

We have 77 Million baby boomers that are now beginning to retire. That is the reasons  the democrats want open borders and let all immigrants into the Country with out being properly vetted .

Trump on the other hand, and a President that is a long range thinker, believes we should recruit people from other Countries that have job skills, high tech knowledge,  to produce quality products and compete in the world trade. People who will add more then bringing all the  baggage  & burdens, no job skills but manual labor with them.    Democrats  go along with George Soros, that considers all people other then the top   2% that plan on ruling the entire universe.   

Want more, how about Jimmy Carter that continues to work for Peace, wrote the Book Palestine Peace Not Apartheid, he fights against the Human Rights Violations all times.

How about Dwight D. Eisenhower, he was the last to audit the Federal Reserve. We just learned that there is $9 Trillion missing from the Fed. Note it has been  known since 2008, just release to we the people.   Silent media on this ?

President Eisenhower warned Congress not to accept AIPAC as an American  Lobby, that it would be America’s down-fall. They passed it, and look where we are.

Lets jump ahead  for a little bit. Year 2000, the year of the Florida Chads & a Court  appointed President. President Bush one that wrapped himself & America in Zionist    Israeli Flag. War declared on Iraq VS false report of WMD from Israel.

Thousands of our Military killed, Injured American families torn apart. John Hopkins    study of the Iraqi civilians killed at 1.2 million. Look up the facts on no bid contracts  to Halliburton and Black water. Complete immunity granted, best equipment going, each agent receiving $160K per yr. Our military with defective equipment, and low pay being blown-up.

Then here comes the greatest move for Zionist, HOME-LAND SECURITY, developed by Bush / Cheney, the vice President that previously was CEO of Halliburton.  all Federal Investigative agencies were put under Homeland Security. The top four people in charge, dual citizens with Israel. The directors of each agency  became puppets or yes men, and followed orders as given by Homeland Security.  Comey          is the best example of their manipulation of our agencies, of course each now have Mossad agents here to teach our people their Technics. Fascism is now here to stay, if you continue to let them. ” Media”, who owns, who edits,& trains BOBBLE HEADS.                                                                                                               

Business prior to 1948–Private Entrepreneurs, family farms. stores, gas stations, and corner Delis.

Now with the chain economy and conglomerates the top 2%, Zionist & Insiders control 90% of the money, placed in off shore accounts. I would support Trump if he called in the UN Troops, and as commander in chief of  our Military to remove them all from our government, arrested for obstruction of government of the people. Do away with home land security and let our agencies  take care of business,  if it also Involves  Judges   in our supreme Court the same. Also the sale to Russia by Obama /  Clinton of sensitive materials used in nuclear weapons.  

Next, each State Government should go through the same Investigation by International agencies, and our own. Remove dual citizens from office as a direct conflict of loyalty  to America and our system of government by and for the  American people, no other.      New York State, known as the most corrupt of all 50 States is totally committed to          AIPAC & the Zionist Syndicate. Support by only six counties, all in the NYC area.  Yet    elected and re-elected time after time. Term limits, don’t seem to be any. That certainly has to be revised in all government Elected positions .

I myself have been victimized by Censorship, and have had my retirement that was under Tier #1 with a right of return when qualified. There was tampering with my case, I qualified for re-in-statement to the first available position. When questioned by my attorney, he was lied to stating my files were not transferred to the newly merged department. It took several years to find out my files had been tampered      with. I hired an attorney, they admitted a clerical error had occurred. I should have received my back pay, and retirement updated, along with my Social Security.  My case went up to the New York State Comptroller, a Zionist who was offended by the truth and my exercising my first amendment rights, and denied payment, even though the rule under tier #1 of priority and intent of the rule was to protect officers out on a medical retirement the right of return to first available position. I have contacted every agency including the federal department of labor, and to  President Trumps office at the White House to no avail, no response what so even though as you will see from my 260 postings on my domain:  

Domain is now for sale:  If interested call web designers  at  602-714-5181  Ask for  Stacy  or  Matt, or e-mail me at

The Title  name is protected against any one else attempting to use it.

The Censorship is the main reason, I can’t fight the Zionist connections with all government agencies. My complaints fall on deaf ears.

Thus I’m continually censored by Facebook, and by others that are doing the same.

All my post are on  LINKED-IN  and are not tampered with. Listed under  Post by Ronald Waldron.

Federal Agencies should be Investigating the foreign interference  within  State Governments also. Dual citizens in public office has become more common then AMERICAN. They swear allegiance to Israel not America.

Fortunately, the American media cover many events in Israel with great detail and thoroughness.
Therefore, we are not repeating that coverage here.

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The Censorship I have had for the last five years out of 15 years of writing amounts to complete disregard of my constitutional rights under the first Amendment. Congress knows of the violations by Facebook.
Yet, as a victim of such violations, nothing is granted to me as a victim of the abuse, and it continues.
United 4 Peace I’m the founder.  Drain The Corrupt &  accounts are mine.
Ronald L. Waldron.  All of my post are published & available on Linked-in under my name. So far have not been tampered with. 260 such Post with a large following.

The Domain is now for sale at $55K           

Join my followers and make it known that we will fight for what is right for our AMERICA.          Correct what the corrupt have done. Start with renewing our nationality Law.

Allegiance to America only, deny any other citizenship or resign.          

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