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Soon after WWII, U.S. statesman Dean Acheson warned that creating Israel on land already inhabited by Palestinians would “imperil” both American and all Western interests in the region. Despite warnings such as this one, President Truman supported establishing a Jewish state on land primarily inhabited by Muslims and Christians.

Few Americans today are aware that U.S. support enabled the creation of modern Israel. Even fewer know that U.S. politicians pushed this policy over the forceful objections of top diplomatic and military experts.

As this work demonstrates, these politicians were bombarded by a massive pro-Israel lobbying effort that ranged from well-funded and very public Zionist organizations to an “elitist secret society” whose members included Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis.

Against Our Better Judgment brings together meticulously sourced evidence to illuminate a reality that differs starkly from the prevailing narrative. It provides a clear view of the history that is key to understanding one of the most critically important political issues of our day.

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Israel partisans create yet another pro-Israel lobby group:

AIPAC-connected officials are about to launch yet another pro-Israel political action committee, “Pro-Israel America,” which will be be targeting smaller donors. It hopes to give pro-Israel candidates from both parties at least $2 million in the 2020 elections. It has already endorsed 27 candidates.

By Alison Weir

AIPAC-connected officials are about to launch yet another pro-Israel political action committee: “Pro-Israel America.” (AIPAC is the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, rated by Fortune Magazine as one of the most powerful lobbying organizations in the U.S.)

While the Israel lobby, which consists of hundreds of organizations, is known for billionaire donors such as Sheldon Adelson, Haim Saban, Norman Braman, Paul Singer and others, Pro-Israel America (PIA) will be specifically targeting smaller donors.

Jewish Currents reports: “The launch of Pro-Israel America marks a new phase of activism for the Israel lobby as it aims to remake itself for a new era in which progressive politicians have raised huge sums from small-dollar donors.”

According to a strategy document obtained by Jewish Currents, PIA’s goal is to recruit 10,000 donors to give around $200 each, so that it can contribute at least $2 million to pro-Israel candidates from both major parties during the 2020 campaign cycle.

The new group’s executive director is Jeff Mendelsohn, who served as AIPAC’s director of outreach from 2005 to 2016. Also on the group’s founding board are Jonathan Missner, a Washington lawyer who previously led AIPAC’s national affairs office, and Emil Pitkin, the CEO of the political research firm GovPredict (one of whose clients is AIPAC).

While AIPAC isn’t officially involved in PIA, Jewish Insider reports that according to the strategy document organizers plan to officially launch it at AIPAC’s national convention this weekend.

Jewish News reports:

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