The Russia Hoax is really a coup:

The Russia Hoax is really a coup:
They are trying to overthrow an elected president and have been lying and breaking the law at every turn to
try and keep the false narrative alive. Hillary, AIPAC, & ISRAELI organizations,
and members of Zionist owned Media, have been behind the attempted coup, Its treason!
It should be prosecuted. (BUT) EVERYBODY in this Israel / American political system that is in place,
includes both parties at the top of every decision made.
President Trump, is the Trump card, we the American People have fighting to make America Great
again, we the people have to unite behind him completely supporting him by voting for American
citizens, not Dual citizens. Insist on our nationality law that was removed by the powerful Zionist
lobbies & Syndicate be REINSTATED. The removal of it was done by President Johnson, he is
the only President that was a Zionist Jew (His Mother was Jewish), with a sworn Allegiance to
the illegal State of Israel COMPLETELY. He was involved with TREASON ACTS , major felony
Crimes against we the people, America, and our Constitution. The FBI had enough evidence on
him that forced him out of running for a second term. Now at this time, the ZIONIST DEEP STATE ,
which everyone is afraid of. (WHY, look at all the assassinations).
Friends, this is not a conspiracy. It is the truth that they will censor, and will not have an OPEN
DEBATE over. THEY REFUSE, they have no defense that is why they will not. JOIN and support
TRUMP, VOTE FOR HIM, donate to his Campaign, if you can’t donate money DONATE TIME
Drain the corrupt : DRAIN THE SWAMP it is a PROMISE.
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