Thank You President Trump

Thank You President TRUMP:

Be Fearless in the pursuit of what

sets your soul on  FIRE !!

 “Making Israel Great Again”:
It never was and will never be GREAT.
It will continue on in its evil and corrupt
existence until they again self-destruct.
Americans are sick of the 89% of congress
that are puppets for the Zionist Syndicate
that buys congress by corrupt campaign financing.
For the first time in history, over 50% of congress are millionaires. It does not take a political genius to realize Who, What, where, when, and why.
The AIPAC Lobby is a foreign interest lobby , with 50 chapters involved in all our elections, no other foreign Country sabotages us more, Israel is actually America’s worst enemy.
When the American People realize that the only bipartisan deals our Congress can come up with are more & more give-a-ways to Israel.
$30 Billion last time, $38 Billion this time.
A total over a trillion maybe, just maybe, they will protest, march, even civil unrest until the 89% of Dual citizens with Israel are removed from congress, the supreme court, homeland security, the federal reserve, and every tax funded position rather Federal, State, or local government job.
Drain the Corrupt or Drain the Swamp, no matter what you want to call it, that is what the American People were promised by President Trump, and that is the agenda at hand, and exactly why there is so much resistance and outlandish attacks, smears, & lies out of the Media, programs like the View, Holy wood folks like Harvey Weinstein, Oprah Winfrey, and the rest of the morally decayed liberals.
Start reading the history of Zionism, AIPAC, and organizations with the same agenda. Realize that these people are the top 2% that control 96 % of the American Dollars, that have bought out your officials. Out sourced your Jobs, ignore the infrastructure of America, design pharmaceuticals with side effects killing off seniors with the mass of Baby Boomers ready for their Entitlement as they now call Social Security . Which every one earned, and they have wasted in the middle East.
Now get on you computers, and instead of bitching and complaining, realize if your not voting, taking part in discussions, or researching for what is the absolute truth of the matter you darn well are part of the problem that things have gone amiss. You should have been part of the checks & balance of our government, that has not been for the last 60 years.
As President Dwight D. Eisenhower said, do not accept that IPAC as an America Lobby, it is foreign only, and will destroy America. Not only that, but he was the last to Audit the Fed. Which has been Chaired by Dual Citizenship individuals ever since.
Now lets jump up to President John F. Kennedy, hated by Zionist because he was a Catholic.
He discovered along with Robert Kennedy, Attorney General, that organized crime was becoming the most power organization in America. Every one thought he was referring to the Blue Collar mafia folks, not so it was becoming the white collar Syndicate which today we call Zionism.
President Kennedy said to the American People (you) ask not what your Country can do for YOU, ASK what YOU can do for YOUR COUNTRY. READ that again and really realize just what he meant, just what he knew was coming, and what we face today.
HOW much could have been avoided, WHAT do we AMERICANS have to do today, tomorrow, and on & on. The real BATTLE is being put before YOU right now !! Will you all still sit on your fat ass and do nothing but bitch & complain or will you rise up and take part in a revolution to change it.
Realize it is not a Jewish Faith Built State. Read what the ANTI-ZIONIST organizations are telling you. That is what the true Jewish people are telling you. Ignore the rewritten text books being jammed into our Schools & Universities. Realize the removal of American History & Why.
Next President Lyndon B. Johnson, after the questionable assassination of JFK, LBJ became President, a president that had changed our nationality Law of 1940 regarding no dual citizenship in our government jobs, or elected officials. A President that gave 300 nuclear War heads to Israel, who helped cover up the Israeli attack on the USS LIBERTY, and death of many of our servicemen.
A president that ignored the sanctions against Caterpillars being sold or given to Israel because of the illegal occupation & distruction of Palestinian land & Property. Then there is questions about the Gold of Fort Knox, the truth can not be determined to its where about place. FBI pressure, assured he did not run for office in 1968.
Next President George W. Bush:
The 2000 Election Scandal , The Court Appointed President Bush began Homeland Security, Top positions Dual Citizen Zionist in charge, they were put in command over all federal enforcement agencies, border patrol, immigration, FBI, CIA, Secret Service, DEA, ATF, now understand how the directors of each agency became puppets, such as Coma, Mueller, several agents taking orders from corrupt administrative people.
Comey ordered to back off on Hillary Clinton during Obama’s rein. Obama allowing Uranium Sale to
Russia under advisement from the Clinton s. Question were the Obama’s prisoners in the White House,
his perspectives sure changed during the years he was in office. THINK what were influences that
added to his appointing Hillary after the battles they were in during the primaries?
The Zionist movement is designed to divide and conquer. They have been very successful at keeping us divided. Republican Party, Democrat Party, the whole time having enough control with in both to be given what they demand. Step up now, join together as Americans, support making America Great again. Stop all the foreign intervention, vote and support American citizens only, in America’s Government.
Write your representatives, make your demands, do all you can do, be all you can be.
Thanks for reading what is a condensed version of my work for the last 40 years.
May God Bless you all, and our Country the beautiful USA…
Ronald L. Waldron
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