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We AMERICANS support our President DONALD  TRUMP

He is doing all he promised he would. Regardless of the BIAS media, The Democrat Party obstructionism, Zionism, and out right Treason, Malfeasance, and Corruption. We are outraged by the attacks continually, and the child-est behavior of all the Democrat officials. The Media, and Democrat leaders are all out of touch ‘with we the people”. From all corners of our Country, […]

Hollywood, Las Vegas, and Washington, DC Insiders:

Listen to the Media, Democrats, and Hollywood producers as they pick their ♦Queen of diamonds♦, ♦Oprah♦ , to run  for President of the United States. Their AIPAC lobby standing strong, running & stealing what is left of OUR Country. Lets guess, a cabinet of Adelson, Weinstein, Whoopi,Pelosi, Spacey, & Chuckie. Nancy Pelosi’s vineyard makes her fourth-richest Californian […]

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