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We AMERICANS support our President DONALD  TRUMP

He is doing all he promised he would. Regardless of the BIAS media, The Democrat Party obstructionism, Zionism, and out right Treason, Malfeasance, and Corruption. We are outraged by the attacks continually, and the child-est behavior of all the Democrat officials. The Media, and Democrat leaders are all out of touch ‘with we the people”. From all corners of our Country, […]


  It’s catastrophically clear that our President has been attacked by the left continually since he was elected by the American people. Led by  Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Barney Frank, Khizr Khan, James Carville, Carole King, Paul Begala, the DNC , the liberal bobble head media, AIPAC and Zionist organizations, including Israeli leadership.  

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