JUST ASK AN  INDIAN :     
Please notice that the most corrupt States in the USA are BLUE States.

Israeli forces kill 7 Palestinians (including 2 teens & 12 year old), injure 509, in Gaza:

America & Americans United will stand against the Atrocities committed  by
Zionist Israel to the Palestinian People. The facts regarding Corruption between
AIPAC and Israel with the involvement in America’s Elections, Campaign funding
the Democrats with huge Foreign Aid Packages in return is out right despicable.
The fact that 89% of congress are dual citizens with Israel , and thousands more
government positions are held by Dual Citizens with Israel is diffidently a major
problem to be resolved.  
It may be that some feminist in this Country have had their sensitive feelings
hurt over remarks made by our President. Thus protest against him and what
he actually stands for. We never see any of them standing up with the great
works of  Alison Weir & If American’s Knew.  Nor with the young girls that are & were
victims of Harvey Weinstein , only one year later, not a word about him & side kick
Oprah Winfrey. 
Just look at all the men, women, & children killed at the hands of Israel, including
the false WMD claims that cause all the deaths including our military people in
that  Iraq war.   
Where are the prissy princesses then, primping in front of a mirror. Certainly are
not protesting the atrocities against the biggest perpetrators of human rights
violators and trafficking. 
 With 3 Million + followers combined in the following groups,
United We Stand, If Americans Knew, Anti-Zionist Groups, Drain The Swamp,, Linkedin Groups, BDS, Not in our name, and  many more
human rights violations, we do not discriminate by SEX, AGE, COLOR, RELIGION,
It is now the feminist groups , that are targeted to stir up as a false flag operation,
taking attention off from the under  issues, rather then race, age, or religion, as in
the past.
How about being certain and proven that a victim is a victim, and not show casing 
for an alternative motive.  
Why all the attacks, obstruction, and character Assassination attempts from the
Democrats, look  who owns them & the Media. 
Have you ever heard the phrase:  Measure twice, cut once.  WELL in this case.  
Research ALL issues TWICE, VOTE one PARTY LINE. (RRED  Republican..
Please notice that the most corrupt States in the USA are BLUE States.
                                      JUST ASK AN  INDIAN :     
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