“Should the Senate Call Witnesses in Trump’s Impeachment Trial?”

“Should the Senate Call Witnesses in Trump’s Impeachment Trial?”

I talk, Chat, and listen to many people, all are sick of what the Democrats have  not done for America in  the last three years+. (Nothing for us).destroying any trust we had in Government  TOP  TO  BOTTOM. The four most evil members of the lynching  Party.  Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Jerrold Nadler all  have sworn allegiance to Israel , taking part in the Corruption  imost of us are aware of  the foreign Aid to Israel amounting to Billions while our infrastructure  is in ruins,   but of course this group with many more Congess members receive millions from Israeli organizations in return for Campaign funding and full  suport of Zionist Israel.  Make note that our National Debt is $22 Trillion, that can never be paid, while Israel  has no debt.  The WARS they have created, fought by American Troops have been at a huge loss of lives, injuries, and wealth to America and Americans. All done by demands by Israel, with no thank you or respect for such.  They still attack us when they decide to.We elected Donald Trump to do as he promised to do.  Even with the attacks from all angles , he has been the mostsuccessful President in our History.Why in Gods Creation, would  any patriotic  AMERICAN vote against President Trump & Party for such idiots thatare guilty of Treason, a threat to our Constitution, and part of espionage acts that should bring harsh punismentfor them is completely mindless.  Where are our expert Professors when it comes down to reality for Americarather than a Zionist Syndicate , and wacked out media, with the exception of  FOX NEWS.They have developed a system, that only we the people can change by sticking with President Trumpto follow through on    DRAINING  THE  SWAMP —- Drain the Corrupt

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