Notice, the Democrats know TRUMP will beat any Democrat they run. That is why the change, their supporters , financial backers , foreign special interest groups, Lobbies, and campaign funds. TODAY you will find Democrats, sick of all the lies, foreign policy, foreign give a-ways, and the DUAL CITIZENSHIP in Congress, changing their registration to Republican. They want the progress in their communities previously. All Americans now recognize the difference.
Impeachment is another dirty trick that will again blowup in their corrupt maze they built for themselves.
Trump and Republicans give , while Democrats take to give away to Zionist Israel . The Deep State will fall right along with their syndicate continue as it has under Donald Trump, and are supporting him . Minorities are seeing more progress with President Trump in office then they have ever gotten .

Sept.26-2019 Another Democrat scam–Along with the bias corrupted Media . Attack, and Attack  President Trump, the only thing they can do, or point to after 2&1/2 years of it.  Can you name on constructive thing they have done, except allowing last term  abortions in our,Past Christian nation, up until 1948.From then all it has been complete support by the Democrats for Zionist Israel, their anti-Christ atheist  beliefs, a foreign occupation that is carrying on a GENOCIDE of the Palestinian People stealing their land,the Democrats have colluded, and POLLUTED with for 60 years, 89 DUAL CITIZENSHIP Congress members, that had been and should be ILLEGAL. POLLUTING our Media with their ownership & Propaganda,They want to impeach our President, the best we have ever had, for more  of their foreign special interest groups of Monsters, & Mobsters.Who to hell do you  think is the DEEP STATE IS, Trump is after them that is why they are working so hard to get rid of.  In the past they have been successful with their Assassinations (MANY), attacks onour Ships, buildings, and  Constitution.We the people have never been closer to a complete revolution against,the very people that have caused all the  carious, and disregard forus the Tax-payer strapped with the cost burden. None for USA &Americans, all for them, & their Zionist Syndicate .Now they are attempting to take our guns away, and our freedom of speech . “Minorities” and discrimination by the Democrats.  They pay for the problems we are having at the South Border.Republicans and Trump are working to bring good paying jobs to all of the American people. The Democrats want open borders to bring illegals in, to work as Slaves, we all see that. BUT do you see and realize that they then are keeping the lower class workers at below minimum wages,and the poor people living on what little is handed out though the welfare and social service agencies. The cost dumped on each State Government to cover.  State taxes like NEW York with the highest amount of taxes  and most Corrupt, the FEDERAL BUNCH, how ever no State is with out a very large amount of TAXES.IT is more then time to again take to the Streets, protest, march,demon-straight and be prepared to protect what is ours to protect.OUR FREEDOMS  of Religion, our right to education with out foreign intervention , look strong at OUR CAMPUSES and the staff &  Professors.  OUR facilities should be jobs for Americans not foreigners with different AGENDA then MORAL American,not the standers and ideals of immorality of Hollywood (Weinsteins etc),Los Vegas (Adelson’s Whorehouses etc.) and WASHINGTON, DC.full of Politicians with sworn Allegiance to the occupation & Israel.A foreign doctrine , ethics , & Integrity that God chased out of our Holy land, that have now come back to HAUNT a nation formed by our forefathers under God.   No reference against the Jewish people & Faith, only to the thieves, murderers, sex & human trafficking.The Syndicate called  Zionism that the DEMOCRATS such as Pelosi,Schumer, Cohen, Schiff, Levin, Schultz, and the rest along with staff that advise, do to nothing is read by the Congressmen.In God we Trust, we pray for guidance in our mission to shed light on the corruption and take over of much of our wealth & resources .The disrespect shown for our President that was elected by we the People.  The democrat party knows that we will again elect Donald Trump as President in 2020.  They know they are  so done, we cannot wait to stick a fork into each and everyone of such vile people.

Written by me for what it is worth,  care less who agrees or disagrees,that is from my heart and mind in support of doing what is  right.
THINK: Know what we are headed for if we can not bring Peace, and prosperity to the World, that WAR MONGERS of the MIDDLE EAST that continue on an agenda of World control & dominance . DEMAND SANCTIONS AGAINST ISRAEL, AN D KEEP THEM & THEIR ORGANIZATIONS OUT..

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