President Trump, It is TIME to PULL the PLUG:

President Trump:

Do we have enough Prison cells to house all the Corrupt officials in Washington, DC ? Then State Officials.

Heading to another  BIG  HOUSE  on the  HUDSON River.
We can picture many more that should join Hillary.
Fact is the 89% of congress that are dual citizens
should be JAILED along with her..

Miss Piggy had a bad hair day!


Next ALBANY, NEW YORK–The most corrupt
State Government in the USA.
Start with the Governor & his Comptroller all
monies go to their NYC friends & associates,
none to Western NY. Or southern Tier.
Of course we all know that the AIPAC Policy
center has State Officials under their control
the same as our congress in DC.     
The two worst educational public school systems
in the State are Buffalo and Jamestown,NY.
They also receive the biggest cuts in State funding
of any in the State.
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