Preparation for a Presidential RUN.:


 Victim of NYS corruption.   No politician or Media personality cares.
Preparation for a Presidential RUN :
Governor planning a run against  Trump     LOL
 The Cuomo’s and the Clinton’s:
Partners in Crime

The “NOW” in Part Two:  LOOK at past  performance:   Who is kidding who.

  Typical  Democrat no one needs in Government.

Have New York voters forgotten all about the  “Moreland Commission ” ??
 Moreland Commission to Investigate
pubic corruption, BUT what happened to it ?
The Commission to Investigate Public Corruption was a public
 entity created by New York governor Andrew Cuomo in July 2013
 under the state’s Moreland Act, with the aim of investigating politicians
 and …look what happened to the commission by:  CUOMO.

Cuomo’s Office Hobbled Ethics Inquiries by Moreland Commission.

Leaders of Moreland Commission Panel Felt Cuomo Intervened, Prosecutors Say.

An investigation by The New York Times showed that Mr. Cuomo’s office had hobbled the Moreland Commission’s work, intervening when it focused on groups with ties to the governor or on issues that might reflect poorly on him.

Questions about the roles of Mr. Cuomo or his aides in the workings of the Moreland Commission are not new.
Mr. Silver’s lawyers asked the judge, Valerie E. Caproni, to block the government from introducing evidence of other corruption cases in New York, arguing that Mr. Bharara’s office was seeking to “paint Mr. Silver as merely the latest example of a long line of corrupt Albany politicians, implying that Mr. Silver must be corrupt because of his job.”
years in he running.    Nothing comes out of any part of the State that benefits Law
enforcement, or those that have choosen such for a career past or present.
My personal case has been no different.
With no response to my last communication, I can only assume you agree with such.
Thus please close my case as unable to take on the corruption of the State of New York.
Thank  You.
Ronald L. Waldron    8-09-2018
Certainly has become true.     No one can beat city hall  & the corruption .
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