People reacted to Hate Crimes of Israel:

  People reacted to Hate Crimes of Israel:
 Baruch Goldstein, a Jewish settler, opened fire on worshiping Muslims in the Ibrahim  Mosque at the Tomb of the Patriarchs in  in the West Bank, killing at least 39 people before being overpowered and killed by Worshipers .
Israel is always the aggressor, killing anyone in their way, They are Thieves, Liars, killers,Smiling while picking your pockets.  Anyone who dislikes their actions, voices such, or calls them out on it, are Anti-Semitic.
Gambling, Drugs, illegal or Over-priced legal Drugs, Human
trafficking, Prostitution from street walkers to high-class
for Politicians & Elites. Assassinations of persons or their
character to discredit their credentials.
The HATE we the people see, is the Hate from ZIONISM
toward anyone that is a Critic of them and their policies
of Corruption & Control, including all major Media.
Many cases of censorship on Social Media 
The only way to make America Great Again, as it was
prior to 1948. Recognize the real problem, American
Government is being Colonized by Zionist Illegal Israel.
We need to rid our Government of the Foreign collusion
between AIPAC, Israel, and our Congress and staff.
We want to know how many of the GEORGE TOWN
GRADUATES working with-in our government, had
their entire credentials paid for through the recently
Representatives no longer bring staff with them from
their Districts. They accept aids, staff, etc. as provided.
Many of our elected officials never have read the Bills
they sign into Law.
You can pass all the hate bills you want to, but you will
never change the hearts and minds of we the people to
accept, Zionism, The corrupt Bastards  of  high crimes,
War Crimes, and False Flag operations for WARS  for
us to fight, and lose our Sons & Daughters over their
LIES  & DECEPTION  again.  Any HATE an American
has is DAM WELL for GOOD REASONS, certainly not
against the Faithful Jewish People that have the same
concerns as we do. Check out the Anti-Zionist sites.
I hope they will voice it in more then NEWS LETTERS,
they publish once in a while.
The Dual citizens with-in our Congress are always passing or attempting to pass legislation to protect them and their Corrupt  Lobby AIPAC. The Congressional PAY MASTERS, Masters of Deception, and Largest Campaign Contributors. 
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