What Effects Does the National Debt Have on the Average Consumer?

Turn on the TV, and you may well see an array of knowledgeable talking heads pontificating gravely on matters macroeconomic. Righteous indignation against the size of the national debt is certain to form a part of their analysis. “OK,” you think, “I get how this is important as part of the big picture. But why does it matter to me?”

To answer this, it’s important to know what the national debt is. Simply put, it’s the total amount of money that the national (not local) government has borrowed. In contrast, the deficit is the amount of money a government borrows in one year – this gets added to the national debt. The national debt is not the total amount of money owed by consumers – that is, ordinary people like you and me. It’s only money owed by the government. This money can be owed to anyone: individuals, banks, pension funds, etc.

So how does big spending by the government affect you? It may seem like it’s on a different level to everyday life, but remember – that debt has to be paid by you. So the first effect of the national debt on you as a consumer is that eventually either your taxes will go up to pay the interest on it, or the government will cut its spending while keeping taxes the same, meaning you have to pay for things the government gave you for free before. Either way, you lose some of your income because of the national debt.

The other effects of national debt involve the price of money. This is just the cost of getting money now, i.e., the cost of borrowing. The thing is, different people and businesses have different credit ratings. If you’re earning $200,000 a year, then most banks will be happy to lend you money – say $5,000 – at a low-interest rate because they expect you to be able to pay it back. And the same applies to governments. Read more »

Black-Ops Abroad Middle-East – It’s Time to Weigh In

Oh, how I waited in line on November 9, 2010 for the glory of Call of Duty: Black Ops, which will be purchased in my hands, to play even a few minutes when I return home. I pulled the drive into my Xbox360, waiting for even a header screen. I can not say how long I stayed on this faithful night, studying the extensive campaign mode and the multiplayer mode (better known as the game on Live).


“As a reviewer, I try to avoid hyperbole, but it’s hard not to call Black Ops” the best Call of Duty ever “simply because it’s the finalization of the franchise formula.” Quote from Tae K. Kim, Gamepro.com


Although I can not comment on anything “bad” or wrong in the game, this is really what I found:


Campaign: this one (like all previous Call of Duty titles) has succeeded again, although coincidentally a little short, but these days it is expected with any Shooter games from the first person, especially in the Call of Duty franchise. Although until now I’ve only played halfway, I can not say how I stuck to the TV that I was playing this half.


Multiuser navigation system: once you are ready to compete with the rest of the world, you can do it. Multiplayer mode gives you PLENTY different modes that were in previous games, and those that no one expected, along with the classic screen sharing mode for you and your friends. Some of the new modes in Black Ops show Wager Matches (bet on your CoD points against your opponents) that go into smaller sub-matches, such as One in the Chamber, Gun Game, Sticks and Stones. Each of them has many unique rules and a choice of weapons, it ensures that the player will never become bored. In addition to Wager matches, other types of matches in which you can participate were quite standard for Modern Warfare 2. They include matches like Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search and Destroy, etc. That any fan of the CoD franchise would be more than is familiar with,

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Conservative Liberal – Why is One a Dirty Word?

The word liberal is used in a derogatory manner in many political campaigns. Many times a candidate can paint a negative image of an opponent just by labeling them a “liberal”

On the other hand, conservative does not have the same connotation. If a politician tried to persuade his or her constituents to not vote for their opponent, labeling them “conservative” the opponent would more than likely embrace that label.

Being in New York City, I never thought liberal was a dirty word, a word that you don’t want to be associated with. In comparing the definitions of the two words, I think I am justified in feeling that way.

Note that I am talking about the use of the word liberal or conservative when it comes to social issues.

Let’s look up the definition of liberal and conservative and see what we get.

Conservative first.

I searched for “define conservative” and “definition conservative” in Google.

I got back some results such as “having social or political views favoring conservatism” and “a member of a Conservative Party”.

Although that’s fine, I was only interested in the definitions of the word. I knew conservative or liberal are both ways to lean politically.

Other results did define the word, such as:

* Favoring traditional views and values; tending to oppose change.

* One favoring traditional views and values.

* Traditional or restrained in style

* tending or disposed to maintain existing views, conditions, or institutions

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