It’s catastrophically clear that our President has been attacked by the left continually since he was elected by the American people. Led by  Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Barney Frank, Khizr Khan, James Carville, Carole King, Paul Begala, the DNC , the liberal bobble head media, AIPAC
and Zionist organizations, including Israeli leadership.

State of the Union / Adam Schiff










State of the Union

Needless to say, what was

disappointing is the somber,

expressionless look on the faces

of  the Democrats. They have

thrown the working class

Americans, and Unions under

the Bus, for their own self-interest.

The Democrats cater  to AIPAC & Israel, accepting huge donations & funding and in return spend our tax dollars in the Middle East. It is time for them to pack-up and leave office. They are no longer an asset, and have become a liability to us Americans.  


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Term Limits

What Cha Gonna Do


we come for




The World Bank was created at the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference along with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The president of the World Bank is, traditionally, a dual citizen with Israel. The World Bank and the IMF are both based in Washington, D.C., and work closely with each other.

The Windy City of Chicago is still the “Capital of Corruption” in America. Next in line by today’s standards of political corruption is Washington,DC. Scandal, after Scandal of Corruption, to the    point that Congress, and America’s media, have a less then 10% approval rating.

The capital of Israel is Tel Aviv, Not Jerusalem, Israel is not a Jewish State, it is a corrupt ZIONIST State. Taken by force, against the word of GOD. The true Jewish people are anti-Zionism. Totally against the human rights violations & Genocide going on against Palestine.

No one should repeat history of the past, but if we were to, it should only be the last 75 years of Zionist history. Jerusalem should remain know as a HOLY CITY, do not turn it into Netanyahu’s  corrupt playground .

We the American people have to make “AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” that can only be done by   eliminating all foreign intervention in our political system. Beginning with foreign interest  lobbies, foreign contributions to campaigns, and dual citizens with Israel running our Country.

Let your representatives know we are sick and tired of our taxes, Social Security, and National  debt being spent on a ridiculous foreign policy of give away.

Also let them know how sick and tired we are of open door policy regarding Immigration, we want American jobs, American infrastructure, English language, and National Security.  We have no more to give AWAY, or to have stolen.

WE  WILL  “DRAIN THE CORRUPT“, nothing will stop us, even if it takes a complete REVOLUTION against a  corrupt system. ALL true law enforcement People and Military people are waiting to take you all down, and throw your ASSES  in JAIL where you belong.  

WE SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP AND DRAIN THE CORRUPT. .. What are you going to do when we come for YOU !

Useful Info

My topics on this blog are very controversial, it is meant  to be that way.  I hear complaints etc. BUT, after developing the Domain, and began posting.  I offered to sell the blog. Stated what I was planning on, and offered it to both political parties, AIPAC, other personalities that lobby our officials . Of course none of the untouchables gave me a second thought.  Most likely the same with Media giants. If you hear any fuss, inform them that they had their chance, maybe from now on they will think twice before ignoring the people they represent.

They haven’t seen anything yet.

Keep an eye out.

 You all know more then what can be put on TV. 

Find away to serve the Country with out fear of reprisal


The Deaths “MURDERS”over the last 16  years. Your government does nothing to stop it,

VETO’S all UN sanctions Against  Israel.

Approximately Seventy to date. Your ZIONIST owned Congress.

At least 9,510 Palestinians have been killed since September 29, 2000.


Congratulations President Trump & Fox News

President Trump’s successes : We Thank you for the outstanding performance as COMMANDER IN CHIEF    The most successful first year President of all time. Making  “AMERICA GREAT AGAINSticking to promises made while campaigning, he has out-distanced ALL others. He is our Tom Brady of politics.

Regardless of all the attacks and MUD slinging from the corrupt and foreign interest lobby & their congressional partners in crime. President Trump sticks to his agenda for America. for all Americans. The left by way of Durbins attempt to use a race card, a practice often used by the left in their last resort efforts, is recognized by white & black alike for what it is.

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The Gadsden Flag

THIS FLAG was the first American Flag.
Don’t Tread on Me:

The Meaning & History Behind the Gadsden Flag.  

   We’ve all seen it before – the sharp yellow flag featuring a rattlesnake and the words “Don’t Tread On Me.” Chances are if you’re here, it’s because you got curious enough to Google the meaning of the flag, and want to know at least a little bit about its historical significance. Chances are you have also seen it quite a few times before Googling, maybe even used it yourself without knowing the full history, bought a T-shirt with the symbol on it, or seen someone walking around with one on.

   The flag featuring the defiant rattlesnake and sharp yellow background, is actually called the Gadsden Flag, and it’s been around since Benjamin Franklin’s time. Franklin actually referred to the imagery of the flag when he suggested sending rattlesnakes to England as a method of repaying England for sending criminals to America way back in his day. But we’ll get into the flag’s historical significance more in a later section in this article.

Ever since it’s creation, the rattlesnake, the flag itself, and the message – “Don’t Tread on Me” have been a visible symbol of American individualism and assertiveness over the years. It’s a message that has lived on through the ages, and I feel will continue to represent strength in the years to come.
Historical significance meaning behind Gadsden flag survival prepper blog

What Does “Don’t Tread On Me” Mean?

What Does the Rattlesnake Symbolize?

The Gadsden flag is often described as the American equivalent of the Spartan “molon labe” (“come and take [them]”) motto. The comparison is apt as they both represent responding with force to perceived threats, but I have always preferred the Gadsden flag as the perfect expression of subtle defiance and resistance. It’s not a declaration of war, but rather an implicit threat implying: “We won’t take shit from anyone.”

This is spelled out, not as a contrarian argument, but more as a fact – a plainly put statement of resistance, which makes it far more applicable to day-to-day life and thus far more frequently used and thus ubiquitous in terms of seeing it used regularly. In my mind, “Don’t Tread on Me” is very similar to the Roman, “Si vis pacem, para bellum” (If you want peace, prepare for war). It’s a fair warning for all would-be oppressors to back off. Regardless of where you’re from, I think this is a sentiment you can relate to on a human level.

   The American Revolutionary period was a time of intense but controlled individualism -when self -directing responsible individuals again and again decided for themselves what they should do, and did it- without needing anyone else to give them an assignment or supervise them in carrying it out.

   Such a person was the patriot Colonel Christopher Gadsden of South Carolina. He had seen and liked a bright yellow banner with a hissing, coiled rattlesnake rising up in the center, and beneath the serpent the same words that appeared on the Striped Rattlesnake Flag – Don’t Tread On Me. Colonel Gadsden made a copy of this flag and submitted the design to the Provincial Congress in South Carolina. Commodore Esek Hopkins, commander of the new Continental fleet, carried a similar flag in February, 1776, when his ships put to sea for the first time.

   Hopkins captured large stores of British cannon and military supplies in the Bahamas. His cruise marked the salt-water baptism of the American Navy, and it saw the first landing of the Corps of Marines, on whose drums the Gadsden symbol was painted.

   My Friends and fellow RED BLOODED AMERICANS, This is America’s Revolutionary  Period Again !   PREPARE to protect our Democracy and Constitution from ZIONIST Anarchy  by any means necessary to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” 332 Million Americans can not BOYCOTT & CONTROL 20 Thousand Corrupt Politicians, Lobbyist, and Bias Media in WASHINGTON,DC.

Time for a Revolutionary Convention in DC this summer, invite Bikers, Truckers,Farmers on Tractors, Veterans, any American. BOYCOTT

To learn more read my books

they are listed below

they describe this in more detail.

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National Debt

What Effects Does the National Debt

Have on the Average Consumer?

Turn on the TV, and you may well see an array of knowledgeable talking heads pontificating gravely on matters macroeconomic. Righteous indignation against the size of the national debt is certain to form a part of their analysis. “OK,” you think, “I get how this is important as part of the big picture. But why does it matter to me?”

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Dual Citizenship

US Politicians

Who Hold Dual



“If Americans were ever polled on it—and they never are—the majority who now object to increasing aid to Israel would also likely object to quasi-governmental and governmental positions being staffed by people who — by citizenship or sheer strength of identity politics — are primarily occupied with advancing Israeli interests rather than those of the United States. It is obvious that the real reason AIPAC and its economic luminaries such as Fischer never substantiate any of the advertised benefits the U.S. – Israel “special relationship” delivers to America in return for all of the costs is simple—there simply aren’t any.

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Boycott, Divest & Sanction  Israel:

Israeli universities are major, willing and persistent accomplices in Israel’s regime of occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid. They are involved in developing weapon systems and military doctrines deployed in Israel’s recent war crimes in Lebanon and Gaza, justifying the ongoing colonization of Palestinian land, rationalizing gradual ethnic cleansing of indigenous Palestinians, providing moral justification for extra-judicial killings, systematically discriminating against“non-Jewish” students, and other implicit and explicit violations of human rights and international law.  To end this complicity in Israel’s violations of international law,  Palestinian civil society has called for an academic boycott of complicit Israeli academic institutions. Refusing to normalize oppression, many academic associations, student governments and unions as well as thousands of international academics now support the academic boycott of Israel.

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