The US Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

By Jeremy R. Hammond
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Thanks for signing up to stay updated with my work on the Palestine conflict! Here’s the free chapter you requested from my book Obstacle to Peace: The US Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict:
Obstacle to Peace shatters mainstream propaganda narratives about the conflict, revealing the true reasons for its persistence and illuminating the path forward to a just resolution.

“The Rise of Hamas in Gaza”.

In this chapter, you’ll learn how Israel’s policies are aimed not at preventing terrorism, but at sustaining its occupation and settlement regime.

While Hamas has long expressed its support for a Palestinian state alongside Israel with borders along the 1949 armistice lines, Israel and the US have refused to engage Hamas diplomatically.

Instead of encouraging Hamas’s movement away from armed resistance and toward non-violent diplomatic means of freeing the Palestinian people, Israel has instead sought to provoke Hamas and other armed groups into a violent response in order to serve as a pretext for continuing its oppressive occupation regime.

You’ll also learn how the United Nations organization, in the wake of World War II, helped to create the conflict that exists today by betraying the principles of its founding Charter — and how Israel was established not through any kind of legitimate political process, but through the ethnic cleansing of most of the Arab population of Palestine from their homes.

You’ll also see how the standard mainstream narrative that Hamas came to power by implementing a “coup” against the governing Palestinian Authority (PA) literally flips reality on its head — the truth being that the US and Israel conspired with PA President Mahmoud Abbas to overthrow the legitimately elected Hamas government after Hamas won legislative elections in 2006.

You’ll learn how Israel further responded to Hamas’s election win by implementing a policy of collectively punishing the entire civilian population of Gaza for living under Hamas’s rule.

In late December 2008, Israel launched a full-scale military operation against the defenseless Gaza Strip. While the Israeli and US governments, along with the US mainstream media, blamed Hamas for the violence, as I document in chapter one, the truth is that it was Israel that violated a ceasefire that had been in place since mid summer.

On the day of Israel’s most major ceasefire violation, November 4, Barack Obama was elected to the presidency. A short time prior, he had promised the Israeli people that, as president, he would support the Israeli position in negotiations that Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel — even though East Jerusalem is “occupied Palestinian territory” under international law and Israel’s measures to annex the city have repeatedly been condemned by the UN Security Council as illegal, null and void.

Chapter one sets the stage for chapter two, which documents how during “Operation Cast Lead” Israel’s armed forces aimed to deliberately use disproportionate force — a war crime — in order to further punish the civilian population of Gaza.

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Study Confirms: What We’ve Been Saying All Along: CNN, MSNBC Push Biased News:

Conservatives have long contended broadcast and cable news networks are biased in their reporting. Those same networks dismiss that claim as baseless.

Now the Media Research Center (MRC) has the data that proves what those on the right knew from experience. The MRC study shows CNN and MSNBC hosts Democratic representatives and senators seven times more frequently than their Republican counterparts.

The study also shows that even when networks like CNN interviews a Republican, they use Democratic talking points as the basis for their questioning.

To compile its report, MRC randomly selected three weeks of every broadcast on CNN and MSNBC in the hours from 6am to Midnight Eastern time. The weeks (January 7-11, March 25-29 and June 10-14) offered 540 hours of programming to consider for the study.

MSNBC was the most partisan where it interviewed congressional Democrats 13 times more than their Republican counterparts. During those sample weeks MSNBC featured 148 Democrats and only 11 Republicans.

CNN wasn’t much better with a ratio of 136 Democrats and 29 Republicans interviewed.

Although Republicans hold the majority in the Senate, 87 percent of interviews by the two networks involved Democrats. Of the 103 interviews considered, 90 were with Democrats and just 10 with Republicans.

This disparity is made worse by the fact mainstream media “journalists” do not conduct equally hard-hitting interviews with both sides. Both CNN and MSNBC routinely ask adversarial questions of Republicans that favor Democratic agenda.

When those networks feature Republican panelist, they are #NeverTrumpers like Bill Crystal.

The methodology used by MRC is that an agenda question was defined as one in which the interviewee used recognizable talking point from the opposing party.

Republican guests were posed with a total of 310 questions in which just over half reflected the agenda of one party or the other. But that is where “fair and balanced” ended. Of those 156 questions that reflected the agenda of one party, 97 percent reflected an adversarial/Democratic agenda. Only four questions showed a friendlier, Republican agenda.

Democrats experienced markedly more hospitable questions. The MRC study showed:

Of 660 questions identified as having a partisan tilt (out of 1,653 total questions), 535 (81%) were based on a friendly Democratic agenda, while the remaining 125 (19%) asked the Democrats to respond to an adversarial/Republican agenda.


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