They have done nothing for America.BUT Put us in Debt with wild spending.
A foreign policy of give away to Israel by the Trillions. No infrastructure here. No control on immigration.The corruption is outrageous with in the Party. The attacks on President Trump by the Media, and Democrats is very unnecessary. You all do nothing but wine, & wine like children.
It is no wonder every one is turning their backs with embarrassment. You spent $7 Trillion in the lousy middle east, but let all go to hell here.

Time for term limits, time to Boycott, Divest, and Sanction your friends at AIPAC, Israel,& The liberal Media, The View, and the likes of the Democrat Party.

Question has been for too long a period. “WHAT-CHA , GONNA DO WHEN THEY COME FOR YOU”:,  Of course we mean you !!

Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel

Alison Weir must be highly commended for throwing such a brilliantly hard light on the relationship between the United States and Israel. I hope this marvelous book gets all the attention it deserves.” – Ambassador Andrew Killgore, Publisher, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.

Soon after WWII, US statesman Dean Acheson warned that creating Israel on land already inhabited by Palestinians would “imperil” both American and all Western interests in the region. Despite warnings such as this one, President Truman supported establishing a Jewish state on land primarily inhabited by Muslims and Christians.

Few Americans today are aware that US support enabled the creation of modern Israel. Even fewer know that US politicians pushed this policy over the forceful objections of top diplomatic and military experts.

As this work demonstrates, these politicians were bombarded by a massive pro-Israel lobbying effort that ranged from well-funded and very public Zionist organizations to an “elitist secret society” whose members included Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis.

AGAINST OUR BETTER JUDGMENT brings together meticulously sourced evidence to illuminate a reality that differs starkly from the prevailing narrative. It provides a clear view of the history that is key to understanding one of the most critically important political issues of our day.

PLEASE, vote strictly for republicans across the board through out,

NOW—until after 2020 ELECTIONS.  HELP President Donald TRUMP succeed at making ” AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”.

Thank You for considering America first instead of the present FOREIGN POLICY and failed Democrat agenda’s.

    The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy        Drain The Corrupt

The corrupt will be prosecuted,  TREASON!!

    (Drain The Corrupt)

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