According to his wife, who insists that George Papadopoulos has nothing to do with Russia, he was facing criminal charges of being a spy for Israel.
An attentive reader of her interview will note that Mangiante at no point denied that it was true.,

The strange love affair of Putin, Netanyahu & Trump.







Russian, Israeli & Trump collusion.

The Zionist political movement supported by AIPAC.

Mr. Mueller, you add 2 + 2 and come up with 3 how can that be.

JUST, conspiracy theory RIGHT.


In God we trust, BUT Not the PAPER it is written on.

Even CNN is beginning to LOVE Trump!!


Drain The Corrupt :

This domain is for sale  at this time. 

The following of this domain is huge,  even though

we have been censored, blocked, monitored etc by facebook, google, and BIG brother. 

NO complaint by us has been followed by any agency or political

party, or Media outlet.

Active contacts that helped the Trump Campaign 2016.

2,862 Campus connections at Student Organizations.

393 Professors and Advisers  

Several more contacts at organizations & Ethnic publications, no actual count is available,

How-ever are listed on hard drives that will be included in this Sale.

All information on Hard drives was in conjuction to our campaign goals for Obama.

His primary win against Hillary that surprised all.  AND we stayed ahead of him on the Campaign trail.    We also headed the ” United we Stand” activity.

We are beginning to get more involved with Anti-Zionist groups & Organizations, and of course recently B.D.S.

The price for this domain is $85K.  We will be consumed on a much different venture very soon. Realizing of course how much more valuable this Domain will be after 2018, and heading into 2020 Elections.

Contact the present owner Ron at  E-mail    if interested.

 The REAL NEED for B.D.S ( Boycott, Divest, Sanction) Israel for the atrocities & Human Rights Violations

1.  IOF encroaches on Palestinian property

2. Israel warned Razan Najjar that she was ‘targeted’ days before its firing squad were ordered to kill

3. Israel wants to change the law so it doesn’t have to defend itself before “a court” every time it steals Palestinian land.

4.Women in Gaza risk death to tell the world they’ll never forget their legitimate right to return to their stolen home

5. year-olHaitham al-Jamal is the 15th Palestinian child to be deliberately killed by Israel in just over 2 months

6.Israel arrests renowned Palestinian cartoonist Mohammad Sabaaneh & confiscates one of his most notable artworks.

7.Israel’s “navy” opens fire with machine guns on Palestinian fishing boats sailing legally inside Gaza’s own waters

No MEDIA coverage of the posters in Israel.

Is that America First ?  

Israel, AIPAC, Congress, and Affiliates is the Corrupt Swamp

that needs to be  DRAINED.. NO ACTION TO DATE !!

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