DRAIN  THE  SWAMP                                                                             DRAIN  THE  CORRUPT
  Americans  are  aware as to Who, What, Where, When, &     Why. The Corrupt Government  continues.
 WHO: Democrats, Dual Citizenship, AIPAC, Media,           Israel, Zionist Syndicate, Fake Ally & their stolen
 Identity, Organized False Doctrine & Propaganda , Homeland Security, Congress, Courts. WHAT:
National & International economic control.  WHERE: United States, Canada, oil producing Countries, Africa for their diamonds, Afghanistan Heroine.  WHEN: From the end of WWII–1948. Starting of the illegal occupation of Palestine began, and the greedy,immoral Society born again “Zionist”.The
apartheid State formed.  WHY:  WEALTH, OURS  to the point now , that Zionist the top 1% have
stolen and control  90% of our money,  Now their special interest groups own Congress, lock 
Great America PAC knows the truth – that America is WINNING again – and why in the face of adversity 
and deceit from the Left, it’s critical we stand with Trump!
The facts don’t lie. Under President Trump, our country has:
  • Record low unemployment
  • Created six million new jobs
  • 11 straight months of wage growth
  • Restored military strength
  • Confirmed two Supreme Court Justices.

But this isn’t the first time Democrats and the Fake News media have used baseless smear campaigns against      the President for their own personal gain and we doubt it will be the last.

Two of the largest lies, Israel is a Democracy and Ally of the UNITED STATES.
Twenty Democrat candidates  say they are the most qualified to be President when not one of them
actually is Qualified for dog catcher, say nothing about running for COMMANDER IN CHIEF.
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