Update & new Action Alert on $38 billion to Israel

Update & new Action Alert on $38 billion to Israel

Dear friends,

Despite the fact that many of you contacted your Congressional representatives, the bill to give Israel $38 billion over the next 10 years continues to sail through Congress unimpeded.

An amended version was passed by the House of Representatives through a voice vote in which there did not appear to be a single “nay,” following speeches by individuals who seem to be Israel’s Congressional representatives. You can see the C-SPAN video of the session here.

For a more in-depth analysis of the legislation, see our recent blog post on the subject.

Israel will get even more American tax money

We were especially disturbed to hear Congressman Ed Royce (R-CA), who frequently carries water for Israel, emphasize that the $38 billion is “a floor, not a ceiling.” During a speech rich with pandering to pro-Israel power brokers, Royce indicated that Israel will likely get even more American tax money over the coming years.

As you may remember, in the 2016 Obama agreement with Netanyahu on which the legislation was based, the $38 billion was to be a ceiling: Israel was supposedly not going to keep coming back to U.S. taxpayers for more money, as it always does. Given the power of the Israel lobby in Congress, it is probably not surprising that this part of the package was left out of the legislation that has just been passed by the House. More information here.

Now this amended bill has gone back to the Senate, which had passed a slightly different version in August. From there the next step would be for President Trump to sign the final bill into law. Tell AP you want them to report on this bill!

The AP team that covers Congress failed to tell American voters about the $38 billion legislation. Did AP management blindfold its reporters? Or did they all decide on their own that a bill for the largest military aid package in U.S. history is not newsworthy…

Media still failing to tell Americans about the legislation

We remain appalled that we could not find a single mainstream news report that told American voters about this legislation.

While media news stories on last Wednesday’s House session told about a law to prevent the eating of cats and dogs, and about the efforts to pass spending bills quickly, none of the reports mentioned a word about the largest military aid package in U.S. history. 

Call AP’s Washington Bureau at (202) 641-9000 and ask why they refuse to inform the public about the largest military aid package in history.
The Associated Press is the largest wire service in the world, and profoundly influential in what news Americans around the country learn.

We think it’s important to tell AP that we are outraged at their neglect on this legislation, and that we want them to now cover it.

When Congress is considering a law guaranteeing a massive military aid package – larger than any other in our country’s history – we expect AP to report on it.

Tell AP to inform Americans about our tax money to Israel
We also expect AP to tell Americans that the bill requires NASA to cooperate with the Israeli Space Agency, a requirement that makes no sense. Israel has a history of stealing American technology and classified information, and then using it for its own products and exports. NASA needs to remain independent!

Please go here to quickly and easily send emails and tweets to AP’s editors. The bill is currently in the Senate – it is not too late for Americans to tell their elected representatives how they want them to vote.

Thank you for your crucial and greatly appreciated support!

Alison Weir

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