How Many Palesinians have died from this Biological War conducted by a WorldWide ENEMY.


Coronavirus outbreak in the time of apartheid :  Who is benefitting.

The unarmed protesters had rallied to demand an end to Israel’s decade-long blockade of the Palestinian territory, as well as the recognition of the right of refugees who fled there in 1948 to return, with their children and grandchildren, to their homes inside what is now the Jewish state. As fake as the media, and Fake USA foreign owned American Democrat Party. The Zionist apartheid .   The silence of major media and Poliical     puppets that have infultraded all  our government agencies, chairmanships, Wall Street, the Fed.

There hasn’t been a President Since President  JF Kennedy, that hasn’t kissed up to AIPAC, ISRAEL,  and   what is referred to as the Zionist Syndicate. Even President Trump who is well informed on  the Syndicate that is invading all phasis of our government & Agencies. Drain the Swamp has been put on   the back burner  once the connection to AIPAC & Israel  became evident. Both partys have accepted campaign funding from  the Zionist syndicate, and have sent Billions back in foreign Aid. Our foreign  Policies are completely out of  wack.  Israel is not a Jewish  State, they are our worst enemy that are completely running the Democrat  Party. 89 members of congress are Dual Citizens with Israel. They  have sworn allegiance to Israel.  While Israel an apartheid State, and biggest violator of Human Rights, conducting a genocide on the Palestinian  people.  America will never be great again, until Peace is founded  in the Middle East, and our government is made up of Americans with sworn Allegiance to America ONLY !!  The way it was before 1948.  The way it was before the collusion with Russian Zionism, Israel,  President Johnson.  Before the infultration into the Democrat Party and control of many government positions.

We need to vote for Trump and  American only candidates .  Prepare for the coming famine if you don’t get involved and protect what we have left to lose.






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