Help Us Address the Root of the Problem! :

Help Us Address the Root of the Problem! :

I’m founder of United We Stand. Also of  ,

Drain  The  Corrupt

I do not ask for donations even though we diffidently could use them.
Please donate to IF AMERICANS KNEW  instead. The need of the innocent
Palestinian People, that have suffered the extreme human rights violations
of the Zionist State of Israel, with the support of Democrats in congress
far outweigh any need we may have.   THANK YOU

Dear Ronald,

We feel that the way to end Israeli violations of international law and of Palestinian human rights is by ending the extremely misguided and destructive U.S. policies that enable them.

And the way to do that is by waking up American voters to the facts, and motivating them to bring change!

We endorse and applaud the many urgent, necessary, and excellent humanitarian efforts to help Palestinians. Our specific role, we feel, is to address the root of the problem. We’re tired of sending dollars to alleviate Palestinian suffering, while our government sends many more dollars to create it.

To address the root of the problem requires monetary support:

We’re putting up billboards all over the country
Creating groundbreaking research that even a Nobel Laureate cites
Posting video exposés on people like Nikki Haley
Exposing legislation that everyone else is ignoring
Mobilizing actions against media malfeasance
Producing powerful videos showing the human dimension and exposing the Israel lobby
Constructing brand new, eye-opening websites
Promoting social media images that reach hundreds of thousands of Americans
Constantly reaching ‘beyond the choir’ – including on Jesse Ventura’s show

Please donate all you can so that we can continue and expand these projects!

We realize that for many of us times are tight, but perhaps you can schedule a monthly donation of whatever size…. remember us in your will… host a fundraising gathering…

We pledge that every dollar you donate will be put to the most effective, compelling use we can possibly come up with.

As you know, we’re in this for the long run, and like you, we’re determined to succeed.

Thank you for your steadfast and crucial support,

-Alison & RLW  Drain The Corrupt

Thank You for any crucial support you can give..

Thank you, as always, for your support. Your tax-deductible donations are what make our work possible. We greatly appreciate and need your continued contributions.

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