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Boycott, Divest, & Sanction, Israel. Also their Lobby AIPAC. Reinstate our Nationality Law, NO dual citizenship individual working or elected to a USA government position. It establishes a conflict of interest. The only dual citizenship allowed is Israel, which creates a definite Bias against ALL others.

President Trump has our support, and respect. We will also Boycott the Democrats, mainstream Media, The View, Hollywood, Los Vegas, and any Zionist Republican.

We want to see our tax dollars spent here in America, not the Middle East.  Our infrastructure, our National Defense and Fence. Not illegal border-walls in “Tin-Buck-Too.” No more $3 Billion & more a year pissed down the drain for the false claims of being VICTIMIZED.

End the human rights violations & Genocide going on against the Palestinian People. A fair Peace Agreement for a two State Solution.

We support term limits for Congress and ALL Judges, of no more then 8 yrs,  the same as president. No life time or dual citizenship appointments for Judges.

Campaign finance reform is very important, no foreign donations should be accepted, or foreign interest Lobby. All donations reported  none SECRET.

AUDIT  the Fed : The Federal Reserve has not been Audited since the 1950’s when Dwight D. Eisenhower was President. Again dual citizenship individuals have been in  charge of the Fed, since then, all 5 of them with no EDIT.

Homeland Security: Developed for the sole purpose of micro-managing all Federal Enforcement agencies. They are a strong voice in WHO will be the PUPPET directors that follow their agendas. Such as Mueller, and Comey that have never made a decision on their own. Example, the Zionist attacks on President Trump, but NO investigation regarding the crimes of Hillary Clinton. Those crimes are divert to being Obama’s, he is no longer a usable servant thus their Media conglomerates dump all the responsibility in his lap.

The “THE JACK ASS TEAM” Hollywood, Los Vegas, Mainline Media, AIPAC, Democrats, Israel and the Zionist  movement which was started in Russia .    The team that represents the SWAMP, THE CORRUPT. The ENEMY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE .   drain the swamp.

America—-First.  Make America Great Again.    United We Stand–Divided we Fall. Stand as the American People, no discrimination except for the corrupt, terrorism, and criminal action. Hold congress accountable, prosecute the corrupt.


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