FACT or Fiction, you determine:

FACT or Fiction, you determine:
 Thank God, we finally have a President  “Commander and Chief”
that is not a politician, he is a Business Man, and the  Best there is to lead us out of the Mess, previously developed by the LEFT.
They continue to be distructive, obstructive, and self-serving hypocrites
 with over half being Millionaires.Schiff, Pelosi,Nadler, and Schumer are certainly descendants of  
Sodom & Gomorrah, just by the way they lie, distort facts and attempt to control all aspects of our government. They are a detriment to we the Americans and our government.   Their lack of ethics, integrity, sense of fair play, and moral values is reminiscent of times gone by.
It is important for protection of the Constitution, and our Democracy to investigate the collusion between Israel, AIPAC, Similar Lobbies & organizations connected to this Zionist movement.
This is not about Anti-semitism. This is about Anti-Zionism.    The Act of Stealing the Jewish Identity.

Vote for candidates that SWEAR ALLEGIANCE to America only.
If they are dual citizen, they should denounce the other Citizenship.  
We need to demand term limits.  The issues should be put on the Ballet for 2020,for we the people to decide, not another Zionist voting with & for a foreign specialinterest group or lobby.
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