drainthecorrupt.com DOMAIN For Sale by Bid

Frank Housh Esq.      Housh Law Firm
The President and/or his Campaign people are not Interested in this DOMAIN:
Not Hearing from them, I have  decided to do as you originally suggested;
Yes, find me a great marketer. Thanks;  Ron        Same %   A sale is a sale
no matter which side of the Isle benefits.   LOL.
Go to the following site:
2007–2012  Used in support  of :”Change” for Obama Campaign
received an invitation to Obama’s Inauguration, many photo’s 
and correspondence.of recognition.
2016–Present.  Used in support for Trump, “Make America great Again”

Using The 

Gadsden flag as our logo.

President Trump now came out with a coin. His face on

one side, Gadsden Flag on the other side.

I was also appointed to President Trump’s advisory Counsel.

After I advised him not to depend wholly on the Secret Service,

under control of Homeland Security for his Security. To avoid

becoming a prisoner in the White House as the Obama’s had. 

Again, I have received several Photo’s and correspondence from                                 President Trump, appreciating the work done.

 This domain has a  huge following.   I own the domain  I no longer can do
all that is necessary to keep up with the demand
for more information regarding the corruption in
today’s government.  Federal and States.
Involving the Dual Citizenship with Israel.Foreign
lobby Chapters in each State, Foreign Lobby AIPAC.
Foreign Aid & Campaign Financing . The swamp.is
Zionism at it’s best, the syndicate in charge of
Washington, DC and the Democrat Party.
Pelosi, Schumer, & Schiff  the main puppets…
Site & Domain for sale to highest bidder.
Ronald L. Waldron
       See all 267 Postings listed under my name;
 On the following sites:
You Tube      
Face Book
Drain the Corrupt
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Fox News..  
Common Dreams
Not in our Name
Alternative news sites.
The Daily Countable
All anti-Zionist organizations
Anti-Zionist Rabbi’s (A long List)
No more WAR’S
Native American Publications.
SURE you can trust the government ?
Student organizations on all major Campuses. 
National Counsel of Churches,  Now Sanction Israel.
Counter Punch
We all together are Trump’s base that keeps him at a 46% approval rating.
We have the Democrats, and their Corrupt partners “Israel”
We now have ask the President to VETO all spending Bills, giving our
TAX dollars to foreign Countries that have no national Debt, such as Israel.
Until our infrastructure, and our Security Wall is built or rebuilt.. 
We no longer can be silenced, we will fight to maintain “OUR” Constitution..
and all its Amendments. TRUMP IS OUR PRESIDENT, and will remain such.
This has been my life work, such will soon come to a close.  I have done so
on my own time & expense, I never ask for donations, or help.
I have had a large target on my back for a long time. With Gods help, I
still stand alone and PROUD to fight this fight. The one thing I have been
taught, morality, ethics, integrity, and unity is what made America Great
prior to 1948, and returning to it is what will make America Great Again.
Collusion with Russia or any other Country is not our demise, it is the
selling out by our representatives to the Zionist Globalization Plan that
will destroy America and the entire universe.
Palestine Peace Not Apartheid, and a stop of VETOING every sanction
the UNITED NATIONS passes against  Israel will help bring a much
better solution to international problems then any of the previous false
flag WARS, with no reason except false claims of WMD, attacks on us,
like the covered up attack, on the USS Liberty.
2005  National Debt was $2 Trillion. NOW. $22 Trillion, where our corrupt
insiders have taken us. Think, where did the invaders come from but
the Middle East?  They are in every aspect of our government presently. 
The only successful wars for the United States were the Revolutionary War,
and the Civil War. The next one will also be because of the division between
us, and those attempting to colonize us. (ZIONISM.)
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