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EXPOSED! Clinton’s Russian plot:

EXPOSED! Clinton’s Russian plot to “slaughter Donald Trump”  Americans, with the attacks from the left on our       Elected President have been relentless even before   the election. The Zionist controlled Democrats & Media is nothing less then collusion with a Foreign Lobby & Country, ” AIPAC & ISRAEL”. Our  government is over run with  […]

Israel lobbyists write the laws:

Israel lobbyists write the laws that state & Federal legislators then pass: State lawmakers, governors, and  the Dual Citizenship Congress across the country have allowed the Israel lobby to write public policy. New laws and executive orders have been crafted by Israel lobbyists, then copied from one state to the next, adopted with virtually identical […]

President Carter: The only Democrat to lesson to:

President Carter: Congress should reject unconstitutional anti-BDS laws  CONTACT@IFAMERICANSKNEW.ORG  APRIL 11, 2019  APARTHEID, BDS, BOYCOTT, FIRST AMENDMENT, FREE SPEECH, POLITICAL PROTEST President Jimmy Carter in an interview February 21, 2014. Former President Jimmy Carter encourages the House of Representatives to reject S.1, the anti-BDS bill: “Under our Constitution, people and legal entities have the right to express political views without fear of […]

No Trump-Russia conspiracy:

  No Trump-Russia conspiracy, and not sufficient evidence to prosecute the president for obstruction of justice. The only conspiracy, and obstruction remains with Adam Schiff, and        the rest of the Dual Citizenship with Zionist Israel, Congress members. The members that have told all the lies to we the people, that have a  […]

  People reacted to Hate Crimes of Israel:

  People reacted to Hate Crimes of Israel:  Baruch Goldstein, a Jewish settler, opened fire on worshiping Muslims in the Ibrahim  Mosque at the Tomb of the Patriarchs in  in the West Bank, killing at least 39 people before being overpowered and killed by Worshipers .   Israel is always the aggressor, killing anyone in their way, They are Thieves, Liars, killers,Smiling […]


  Every Major Scandal involves Zionist.: Should universities be more transparent about their admissions process? Same Corruption as Government.  ” THE ZIONIST SYNDICATE”   BDS   only Answer. 99% (2262 Votes) 1% (15 Votes) RELATED: Poetic Justice: Tucker Digs Up Media Matters President’s Past of Staggeringly ‘Bigoted’ Writing In fact, Harvard came under fire just last year for discriminating against Asian-American […] DOMAIN For Sale by Bid

Frank Housh Esq.      Housh Law Firm   The President and/or his Campaign people are not Interested in this DOMAIN: Not Hearing from them, I have  decided to do as you originally suggested; Yes, find me a great marketer. Thanks;  Ron        Same %   A sale is a sale no matter which side […]

75% of Americans oppose anti-boycott laws; Ilhan Omar and the Israel lobby:

75% of Americans oppose anti-boycott laws; Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2019, Ilhan Omar and the Israel lobby.   Illustrative photo of signs calling for the boycott of Israel at an anti-Israel protest in San Francisco, April 2011 (CC BY-dignidadrebelde, Flickr) Americans in general do not like anti-BDS laws nearly as much as Congress does: just […]

Palestine Legal Stands With Ilhan Omar:

NPR misleads public in report on AIPAC vs Ilhan Omar: Tell AP and NPR: We want balanced coverage on Ilhan Omar and AIPAC!    This is just a beginning on exposing the truth facts of AIPAC, ISRAEL, USA Congress, and the corruption and Syndicate involvement that is the SWAMP.  “THE CORRUPT”.   The American People […]

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