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FACT or Fiction, you determine:

FACT or Fiction, you determine:  Thank God, we finally have a President  “Commander and Chief” that is not a politician, he is a Business Man, and the  Best there is to lead us out of the Mess, previously developed by the LEFT. They continue to be distructive, obstructive, and self-serving hypocrites  with over half being […]


REGISTRATION DAY: Notice, the Democrats know TRUMP will beat any Democrat they run. That is why the change, their supporters , financial backers , foreign special interest groups, Lobbies, and campaign funds. TODAY you will find Democrats, sick of all the lies, foreign policy, foreign give a-ways, and the DUAL CITIZENSHIP in Congress, changing their […]

STANDING WITH ALISON WEIR, the right thing to do:

If Americans Knew: “This is why we exist” CONTACT@IFAMERICANSKNEW.ORG SEPTEMBER 23, 2019 ADL, AJC, ANTISEMITISM, CLOVIS, FIRST AMENDMENT, GV WIRE, IAK, IF AMERICANS KNEW, ISTANDWITHALISONWEIR, SLANDER If Americans Knew: “This is why we exist” If Americans Knew was born out of Alison Weir’s deep conviction that the oppression of Palestinians at the hand of Israel […]


HERE WE GO AGAIN,  GOVERNMENT RUN BY FOREIGN  SPECIAL INTEREST  GROUPS The Zionist Syndicate WAR MONGERS are at it again. They think they can pull off another FALSE BLACK FLAG operation and their CORRUPT USA PARTNERS  will “LOCK and LOAD” and attack Iran.  WHO is it that has been pushingthe USA to attack every time it […]

The Russia Hoax is really a coup:

The Russia Hoax is really a coup: They are trying to overthrow an elected president and have been lying and breaking the law at every turn to try and keep the false narrative alive. Hillary, AIPAC, & ISRAELI organizations, and members of Zionist owned Media, have been behind the attempted coup, Its treason! It should […]


Sun, Aug 25, 10:50 PM (5 days ago) to me The Jewish state is torn by conflict and under fire from enemies on all sides. But this is not a simple attack on one country, it’s an attack on the Zionist regime in the Middle East. As the U.S. administration rolls out its plan for peace […]



    KEEP PRESIDENT TRUMP  in 2020:      DRAIN  THE  SWAMP                                                                             DRAIN  THE  CORRUPT   W.W.W.W.W.     […]


PUBLIC ENEMY #  ONE : Most corrupt leader & Party Boss This self appointed # 1, Leader of the DEMOCRAT Party,  Should be jailed right along with  Hillary Clinton. Sabotage of our government policies, laws, and National Security.   His paying to have illegal immigrants charging our borders, and paying to develop a   Democracy PAC was started with a $5.1 million donation […]

We cannot thrive as a Community unless we are protected

We cannot thrive as a community unless we are protected against the growing threats and challenges in today’s political environment.   President Dwight D. Eisenhower advised congress in the 1950’s not to accept AIPAC as an American  Lobby, that it was a foreign interest group, that would be the down-fall of government and policies of […]

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