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If ADL is selected, it will bring a deep anti-Palestinian bias:

University of California and California State University systems need our immediate help! (Our apologies if this is a duplicate email…this is a critical issue, and we want to make sure no one misses this action! Some folks are doing it twice.) The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is angling for a $1.2 million contract to do anti-bias […]

Palestine Holocaust Conducted Since 1948:

SPY GATE: Democrats against America  & Americans: They belong to Israel, Netanyahu & AIPAC: VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE.   SPYGATE Infographic poster (44×36″)  How Democrats conspired against Donald Trump’s presidential run: They also conspire with the Corrupt Swamp, against America & our Treasures. It is Treason.    Fact-based chart that clearly shows how the Obama administration […]

EXPOSED! Clinton’s Russian plot:

EXPOSED! Clinton’s Russian plot to “slaughter Donald Trump”  Americans, with the attacks from the left on our       Elected President have been relentless even before   the election. The Zionist controlled Democrats & Media is nothing less then collusion with a Foreign Lobby & Country, ” AIPAC & ISRAEL”. Our  government is over run with  […]

American’s Worst Enemies:

  American’s Worst Enemies : The Zionist Syndicate, ” Israel, Aipac, and the Dual Citizenship Congress” .. Americans are sick of the unfulfilled promises of the entire bought out  Politicians, be it Republican, Democrat, or Independent look at the National Debt, the controlled Bobble head Media, Home land Security, The Courts, Universities, Foreign Interference, and the amount […]

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