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HOME FOR SALE BY OWNER: (RANCH): Jamestown, NY  14701   2 bedroom–2 bath, eat in Kitchen , Dining Area, living room. Full dry basement, Laundry area, Energy forced air heat, Central air conditioning. Lots of storage area. Detached 1-1/2 car garage, large fenced in rear yard. All replacement windows, doors. new roof house & garage. […]

Vetoed by the United States & Canada.

77 Resolutions against Israel by the UN have been vetoed by the United States & Canada. The facts not recognized  by either. The following is not being reported or recognized by your government or media.  Ask Jimmy Carter what is really going on ! Go to IF AMERICANS  KNEW.      It is GENOCIDE    […]

The UN Took Another Swipe at Israel:

THANK TREY GOWDY, support President Trump: Trey Gowdy just put the final nail in the coffin for Robert Mueller’s impeachment plans: Democrats and the Fake News Media built up Robert Mueller’s Congressional testimony as a defining moment in American political history. And it was. But just not for the reasons the left was hoping. And […]

Return to sender—Address Unknown ! !

Return to sender—Address Unknown ! ! No one is interested in  buying, donating, contributing,  or helping with  passing along the informative material this site has contributed. I can no longer maintain and gather up all that is needed. Not one dime to help with expenses , not one Trump supporter helped here. Democrats continue to […]

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