image.png The 2 Hrs today certainly put some claims made by Schiff on a list
of lies or untrue Statements.
We know anyone else that lies before a Judge is charged with perjury. I believ e with the number of times Schiff has knowingly lied, even in front of Judge Roberts. The Judge should charge Schiff when his lies are critical when he does so against the PRESIDENT.
The corruption that go’s on with the dual citizenship connection with
and for a foreign occupation, their Lobby, and leaders. Foreign Policy
of give away of tax payer money, and objection by the President leads
to impeachment of our greatest President.
The people that need to be arrested, Jailed, and removed from office,,
is Schiff, Nader, Pelosi, Schumer, and the rest of the dual citizens in
our government. Our Constitution is a document met to protect
America, and Americans. Their was a national Nationality Act along
with such. A government for and by the American People.
That Law was changed by our only President that was Jewish, and
do to his actions, that Law was done away with, the Attack by Israel on the USS LIBERTY was covered-up by Johnson. The sanctions on Israel by the UNITED UNION, were ignored by Johnson. There were Bull-dozers
sent to Israel by Johnson’s construction company, all against the
International community.
Our Country has lost a great deal over the last 65 years do to such
foreign policy and interference in our government.
The Democrat Party is now completely ruled and managed by dual
citizenship members, and their special Interest groups.
President Trump swore to Drain the SWAMP. That started the WAR
against him. AS YOU SHOULD SEE BY NOW.
We need to put them out of office, they should lose all benefits !!

We Have Listened to 3 days of HORSE SHIT:

The Democrats know that A dam Schiff is
a complete liar.

Watch: Now he has done all he is capable of to discredit President Trump. The Democrats will
realize he is no longer an asset to the Democrats, he soon will be put out to pasture.
He is now worthless even as any donor, he is very toxic and

.He stands in front of us, as the  lead manager to spread their propaganda  & lies, then they swear to it.
Then they will throw him under the BUS, like so many others.
just one more thing to think about prior to the coming campaigns & Elections.  The Demo-rats put their best
man, A dam  Schiff, as their representative to manage the partisan Attack on our President. Such attacks
began prior to the Election, and will continue until the corrupt Zionist dual citizens with-in our government
system are eliminated.  Why our Justice Department has allowed the treason to continue as it has is very
questionable in deed.   The only people that can change it  is we the American People.
YOUR vote does count, The more of us  supporting and VOTING  for Trump, the harder it will be for the
democrats to cheat  the sytem & ballot  count. WATCH how many votes come in as  absentees, from the
middle East.  The Israeli’s seem to think that they can load us up with false ballots & fake incidents such
as CHADS in Florida. ETC.  Any and all corruption with-in our government always involves members of
Congress,  AIPAC, Israel and of course the media and data collectors striking a line threw many  of the
messages they will  censor.    Careful the Zionist syndicate has friends in high places, and both sides
of the Isle.   Can you blame our President if he doesn’t trust many in Washington, DC.
I can not continue, my connection is being tampered with.    Good N ight  All.

Yes, I do know I have a large target on my back.  All Americans should realize our safety is in jepordy
We do not  have an ally in the Middle East.    How much has already been compromized, PLENTY..

“Should the Senate Call Witnesses in Trump’s Impeachment Trial?”  Hek! no.  They all would have been
brain washed before hand.  At the present time, the lower & middle class people are very much in
favor of President Trump.  It is because of how much he has accomplished. Next is they trust him
because he is doing all he promised he would.

The Media, Lobbies, and the Democrats are not trusted, believed  to be influened by foreign
people & organizations, many have sworn allegiance to a foreign power that donates to their
campaigns.     Leading to billions given to foreign illegal occupation of Palestinian lands, by
our congress.  Government of, for and by the AMERICAN PEOPLE.  Not the foreign imposters
stealing us blind.

The yelling, screaming, story telling, fit throwing , democrats can not face the facts ..Social
Media is trusted more than the ABC, CBS, CNN,ETC the fake news media that is inluenced by
the top 2%.  Others wait for the bobble-heads to be off air, then return to the TV.  IT IS
SOCIAL MEDIA, BBC, Aljazeera, and other alternative media.

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