Adam Schiff has collusion problems of his own:

Adam Schiff has collusion problems of his own:

Adam Schiff has a real problem with continually making
False statements , and collusion’s  with a foreign Country that is conducting a GENOCIDE , something the
Democrats have been supporting for a long time.  There is no Democracy in  ISRAEL.
Adam Schiff has collusion problems of his own:  He is well known for making false statements, clearly is an untrustworthy Zionist Plant with-in our government, not a one of the DUAL Citizenship Congress members are trustworthy, they all have problems with outright collusion with a foreign power, and accept large amounts of contributions from Lobby s, and other organizations affiliated with such foreign Power. The real threat to America that has been demonstrated several times in the past. They are an Ally to congress and the Democrats. Certainly not to America or Americans.  They have stolen more from us, then they have the Palestinians. Of course he maintains his position because of his being a part of the
Zionist regime that is the largest part of the corruption with-in our government.

They bought out the Democrats, presently changing  OUR way of life , Fascism & Socialism instead of our
Democracy.   Who knows how many Republicans are doing the same.  If we allow that to go any further, it
will change things drastically, and not for the good of us Americans. STOP IT NOW.  VOTE AMERICAN ONLY.
NO DUAL ALLEGIANCE  ANY  MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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