Thank You President Trump:

Thank You President Trump:

President Donald Trump “2016–2024” 
We the citizens & TRUE Americans of the United States, Thank You for your continued leadership,while under attack by the foreign interest Congress, that truly have no interest in Making America Great Again. While special interest groups are bribing Members of Congress, supplying all their staff, and Campaign funding.++ making them millionaires with the Corruption they remain part of,putting us into a National Debt of $23 Trillion, leaving our Democracy and Constitution under attack. It is the Democrats that took our Nationality Law Away, under the leadership of LBJ,AIPAC, with only Zionist Israel receiving benefits. We now have the Democrat Party with Dual Citizens with Israel leadership, 89 of them in Congress, attacking every more you make.It seems as though their complete ignorance gives you the strength to become the BEST and GREATEST President the United States has ever had, one that the Agenda is to Make America Great Again, putting the interest of the American People FIRST, not the Israeli Syndicate &Corrupt members that have infiltrate & taken over the Democrat Party. Of course the lies of Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, don’t help, Schiff lies and  the rest swear to it.Trump proves them wrong every time. The “made-up” Whistle–Blowers  sure can not get it right neither. wiki watch most likely get their anonymous information right from Adam Schiff.
FROM now on, recognize how you know Schiff & the Democrats are lying. It is when their lips are moving. Moral of the Story is !! DO NOT VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT—-They do nothing for America, except spend and give a-ways. U.S. Congress seeks to increase aid to Israel by $200 M in 2019.  That is on top of the   $3,000,000,000.00 yearly amount given to them every year. Now consider all the Military cost in bowing to their DEMANDS not request.  AND they have no debt, at all. No debt tous tax-payers they love to rip  off.  Isn’t it sad  that with all we give them, Israel they call a Jewish State.  
Yet look at all the survivors of the Holocaust, that we see on TV still suffering as victims of the worst actions ever, master minded by Russian Zionist Jews, against their own people that would not go along with forcibly taking it. All that money we send to the Zionist Israel and they do not take care of their own people.  They sure live up to their reputation of stingy, cheap, greedy, and very corrupt.

How is it, that our officials ignore the human rights violations of Israel, the murders of men,women, and children. Plenty of documentation, and evidence to prove such.  NONE BY MEDIA !!
How about the USS Liberty. Think about all the tragic incidents since 1963 & Dallas, Texas.Their joyful noise they broke out with over 911. We know that President Johnson attempted to cover it up.  Why, would that be, it worked in Texas maybe.    CIA members in Texas at the time ?
We know that it is all going to be more of the same old same if the democrats win. the Democrats hold the majority in the House, and look at what has not been done.
They have objected every last thing Trump attempted.  Regardless of the complete obstruction, look at all he has achieved against all the odds.
Why, this President can not be bought. He is determined to M.A.G.A. Stay with what !!We know has been working. Look at every attacker, can any one of the critics do a job any where near what he has.Not one of the critics are there for we the people. They are completely committed toa Special Very rich & powerful foreign Interest Lobby.I hope you can grasp the idea, we all have a responsibility to all of those that have kept us safe, free, and able to do and be what you truly want to. We need to leave our next generations the same or better.   BETTER  is  BETTER.   If you have it, keep it, pass it ON!! 
He continues to prove it to US, over & over & over again.
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