Israel lobbyists write the laws:

Israel lobbyists write the laws that state & Federal legislators then pass:

State lawmakers, governors, and  the Dual Citizenship Congress across the country have allowed the Israel lobby to write public policy. New laws and executive orders have been crafted by Israel lobbyists, then copied from one state to the next, adopted with virtually identical language. The anti-boycott laws are built on groundwork laid by pro-Israel lobbyists a decade ago. Experts say they violate the Constitution. The lobby has expanded  to having 50 chapters, one in every State.  Our legislators are involved in collusion with the foreign lobby & government.  Such is being done at every ELECTION IN THIS  COUNTRY.Officials  Local, State , and Federal are involved campaigns are financed by organizations      connected to this foreign lobby.

We all have heard the promises from President Trump, DRAIN THE CORRUPT “Swamp”.

MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, & immigration reform. He will build a wall.

He has been under attack by the MEDIA & DEMOCRATS beginning the day he announced

running. WHY ?  Because they stand to be charged with TREASON and other HIGH

CRIMES. The damaged done to AMERICA, AMERICANS, and the victims of the WARS

and HUMAN RIGHTS violations around the World is DAM WELL UNFORGIVABLE.

Prison is to good a treatment for people that deserve a firing SQUAD.

They now are trying to take our constitutional  rights away from US, beginning with

the first & second amendments. They will attempt to take our guns and internet from


We need to let them know that their fight against our Elected President, is a fight


and the ZIONIST SYNDICATE will have a WAR that most likely will be the last of all

WARS. The USA VETO’S of all SANCTIONS by the UNITED NATIONS against the

real atrocities in the Middle East will have major impact on any support.

Prepare for the WORST, if it gets any better we have gained that much !!

A top UN official reports that Israeli soldiers have shot 7,000 demonstrators in Gaza over the past year. Over 120 people have had arms or legs amputated, including 20 children. Now 1,700 more people with shattered limbs may need to have amputations if Gaza doesn’t receive emergency help.


While US news reports and the Israel lobby emphasize the rockets fired by Palestinian resistance groups, the fact is that Israeli violence began BEFORE rockets were fired from Gaza, and Israeli forces have killedmassively more civilians.


In the past year, Israeli forces killed 193 Palestinians in Gaza, and Gazan resistance fighters killed 6 Israelis.


In the recent surge in violence, Israeli soldiers began the killing that triggered the 3-day escalation. Israeli airstrikes & snipers killed 27 Palestinians, including infants, while resistance fighters killed 4 Israelis. (Read the details here.)


As you know, Israel has perpetrated a strangling, illegal 12-year-blockade on Gaza, preventing numerous medical supplies, building materials, and other commodities from reaching the almost 2 million men, women, and children who live in Gaza. This is one of the longest blockades in modern history and has caused an unconscionable humanitarian crisis in Gaza.


The Red Cross says the blockade violates the Geneva Conventions and has called for it to be ended.


Please email and phone your Congressional representatives NOW. Tell them to demand that Israel permit medical supplies to enter Gaza, and to end its cruel blockade. Your action could save hundreds of Gazans from having arms and legs amputated!  

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