David Waggoner’s trial for 2 nd degree murder.pdf (70K) :

David Waggoner’s trial for 2 nd degree murder.pdf (70K) :

David Waggoner’s trial for 2 nd degree murder:
What a miscarriage of justice. a man who defended his
family, a man small in stature “135 lbs” at the time, in fear
for his mate and grandson, plus harm to himself.
The amount of evidence that was suppressed by a bias Judge.
The resent past District Attorney, that hired the District
Attorney prosecuting this case.
It is a case where the Judge should have recluse himself.
No evidence could be submitted regarding the character and
buzzard behavior of the person shot.
There isn’t a Police officer in the area that was surprised by
the fact because of past incidents Bill was involved with, and
the actions of the past.
A witness that was not put on the stand, was told by Billy that
he did not want to live until his next birthday, his reckless
behavior, that was not allowed before the Jury.
( He broke into Dave’s garage twice, stole Dave’s Harley and
burned it, he also burned a cabin where he would obtain the
Meth he was addicted to).
He attempted setting Dave’s house on fire twice. He also
stated to Kim, David’s mate, that he would kill them all.
Then no witnesses were aloud to speak regarding David’s
character and reputation in the community, which would
have helped to exonerate him, and would be completely
opposite of the criminal back ground & actions of Bill.
Bill was a frequent patient for Mental disorder at Jones Hill,
Psycho Unit with violent behavior. A specialist dealing with
the effect of Meth & amphetamine testified regarding the
amount in Bills body two days after death was still intoxicating,
and that it would have been even higher the day he showed up
at David’s house, threatening them.
I talked to Dave the night of July 23, he had not slept well for
two to three weeks. He told me what had been going on, they
had called the Police on three occasions & no one showed up.
He told me how he had helped Bill out, and could not understand,                                               why Bill was harassing and threatening him and his family.
Dave stated that the MC club he had belonged to had
broken-up. He was glad it had because of some actions
he did not like new guys were doing. He stated he thought
that a couple of past members put Bill up to doing what
he was doing, but could not prove such. He would like to
talk to Bill to find out what it was, but there was no
reasoning with him on such a rampage ne was on.
Our experiences with Dave, and his family.
I have know Barbara, Dave’s mother since 1966. That is when
I began my Police Career at Lakewood Police Department.
Barbara worked at Davidson’s Restaurant, where at the time
we took coffee & lunch breaks.
My son was friends and classmate of Kelly brother to David.
My daughter was friends and classmate of David.
They are still friends, my Daughter just retired from E. Hartford
Police Department as a homicide Detective. Retired for two
days and started as an Investigator with the State Prosecutors
office. She says she knows in her heart tha Dave would never
intentionally hurt anyone. She says it has to be self-defense,
she saw the picture and knows about the tape used that was
just after the shooting & arrest. She sees shock, disbelief and
still in defensive mode, and fear remained.
My wife & I became friends with Dave & Kim at Tim Horton’s.
a group of us would meet just about every evening for coffee
and friendship. We got to know Dave well, he always would
make friends with every one, especially the kids, he knew and
with each of them. When kids saw him coming, it was here
our DUDE. We never saw him in any kind of anger, or unkind in
any way. He is a humorous individual, and FUN to be around.
We would trust Dave at all times, he did body work for us on
our vehicles, never did he over charge any one. The whole
group of us,” any one that knew Dave likes Dave, Kim and
the grandson.
I have never heard any one say a bad word about Dave. Even
since the shooting. All of us were certain it was self-defense,
with-in our group several knew both David and Bill.
They will tell you Bill should have been back in prison.
The JURY wasn’t allowed to hear any of this, and David was not
tried by a jury of his PEERS, not a jury that spent 3/4 of the
time sleeping in the jury room, time after time being returned
and half asleep in the jury box.
I now understand the reasons why we need Justice reform.
Dave has always been a great guy, and did not deserve the
results and conclusion of a uninformed jury.

Ronald L. Waldron
48 Hammond Street
Jamestown, NY 14701
716 489-3269

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