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The Gadsden Flag THIS FLAG was the first American Flag. Don’t Tread on Me: The Meaning & History Behind the Gadsden Flag.      We’ve all seen it before – the sharp yellow flag featuring a rattlesnake and the words “Don’t Tread On Me.” Chances are if you’re here, it’s because you got curious enough to […]

Out-foxed US Presidents

A history of how Israel out-foxed US Presidents from Eisenhower to Obama President Trump hosts Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu this week with the new U.S. administration expected to fall in line as so many “out-foxed” predecessors have, as Morgan Strong described in 2010:

FOLLOW: we do support:

FOLLOW:   What we do support: Boycott, Divest, & Sanction, Israel. Also their Lobby AIPAC. Reinstate our Nationality Law, NO dual citizenship individual working or elected to a USA government position. It establishes a conflict of interest. The only dual citizenship allowed is Israel, which creates a definite Bias against ALL others. President Trump has our support, and […]


 After listening to the garbage  Democrats and Mueller can come up with to attack a President Elected by the people, to do nothing beneficial for the Country, to listen to an X-FBI director that messed up a proper investigation on a Criminal like Hillary Clinton, who has been involved in 21 Scandals, along with the […]

Next Secretary of State, Honorable Mike Pompeo :  

Next Secretary of State, Honorable Mike Pompeo :     WHY ? Would any moral Society support such ATROCITIES as those committed by Zionist Israel? Only a dual citizenship congress !! Talk about HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS. Shooting to KILL, on unarmed marchers, as recently witnessed. Have you heard of IF AMERICANS KNEW, ever viewed their videos, or […]

Is this what Christ died for?

By: Stuart Littlewood,Redress.     The place where Christianity was born is defiled by a brutal military occupation that has turned a beautiful, very special historic region, precious to three religions, into a swamp of racial hatred resulting in unspeakable crimes against the indigenous population… In Britain the usual suspects againtried to destabilize Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and damage his prospects of becoming prime minister by firing another ‘anti-Semitism’ […]

Why Jews and Zionist join B.D.S.  “It is the right thing to do”

Why VOTE Republican ? Because it is the RIGHT THING to do.  Support making America great Again. Support B.D.S. GOD bless AMERICA.                  Elect Republicans–Re-elect  President  Donald  Trump Totally Boycott the entire left-wingers “Why Jews and Zionist join B.D.S.” “It is the right thing to do“ BOYCOTT, DIVEST, & […]

Israel’s Worldwide Role in Repression:

Maintaining and expanding an exclusive Jewish state in Palestine requires on-going ethnic cleansing and military repression of Palestinians and military dominance in the region. Through the ongoing colonization of Palestine and the accompanying atrocities, Israel has developed great expertise in repression, and exporting these tools and methods on an industrial scale has become crucial to […]

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