drainthecorrupt.com   ” Ignored by present Administration”



Your first line of offense and defense.  Founder & owner. Thousands of followers.
UnitedWeStandAmerica.com  Founder in 1992.  Thousands of followers.
Campaign for Obama. Primary & Elections 2007-2012- Noticeably.
I received an Invitation to the First Inauguration for & from Obama & Biden.
I previously had been active for John Edwards & John Kerry.
I lived in Florida 1983–1996, North Carolina 1996–2003. Censored several times
then by Southern Bell.
Moved to Jamestown, NY 2003  to  present. Monitored, Blocked, Censored, and
interviewed by Federal agency.
Campaigned vigorously for President Trump, Many, Many More followers, by
that time. The only President Since Eisenhower that did not accept funding
from foreign influenced lobby AIPAC.
How ever every President since Eisenhower with exception of Kennedy &
Carter have sworn allegiance to Israel. An illegal occupier of another’s lands. 
President Johnson was the most corrupt in our history, yet very little media
coverage of the extent, and the connections to Israel & AIPAC.
Jimmy Carter has written books & memorials regarding the ATROCITIES, &
human rights violations of Israel. The United Nations have passed at least 
68 sanctions against Israel. All vetoed by the USA.
Obama did allow, the last sanction against Israel of his administration, to pass
and they were sanctioned, they continue to violate such with NO RECOURSE
FROM THE USA.  Every one with any intelligence, knows that the only thing
that will work is  B.D.S.   ( Boycott, Divest, & Sanction ) ISRAEL..
Bias media will never report the true facts  of Zionism. BUT, BUT, BUT..They
can never, never again put a lid of silence on it any longer. PUBLIC OWNED
media, alternative media, Social media,  other International Publications,
and CAMPUS organizations , will never again allow such..
The Dual Citizenship members of Congress found in both Political Parties,
who have sworn allegiance to Israel, which shows up with the Bills Passed
and Monies given, that far out weigh what is passed ( rather not passed for
the benefit of America & Americans ) these false representatives, should
be charged with treason, Fraud, other high crimes.
Such high crime convictions should bring a sentence of facing a firing squad..
Sure thing Hillary should be the first. BUT we know that will not happen.
Another ASS HOLE will come along and pardon her, for murders and all.
What is really disgusting is, there are still jerks that would vote for her and/or
Oprah.  LOL  Then imagine George Soros  . o while Soros and other billionaires fund Clinton’s campaign and other left-wing causes, the Clinton Family Foundation focuses on extending the Clintons’ political clout both here and abroad by trading political access for cash. The Clintons have together pulled in more than $240 million since leaving the White House “dead broke,” as Hillary once put it. Now the Clinton Foundation reportedly is under federal investigation for its questionable fundraising practices. Clearly Fraud..
Or how about Oprah & Strong democrat support with Harvey Weinstein, who

Harvey Weinstein must face sex trafficking claims. 

drainthecorrupt.com  has had absolutely no administrative support since the

Obama administration.    Now this domain will remain silent until   SOLD.

I will decide what is an acceptable BID that I can not refuse….

Summit Bids if any to the following Attorney.  

Of course you elites think you are the only ones with knowledge of how
to do business.   American voters question more and more the ethics,
Integrity, and values of our representatives. Do we get an agenda for the
American people. So far Trump promises it, he has been able to produce
successes, but the Party certainly have not shown America that they
have the same agenda, thus too many positions are lost and will continue
until members in congress are replaced or wake up to the reality and agenda
of we the people.
No Longer worth my time, energy, or expense, such a waste for 16 yrs.
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