THE DEEP STATE located in NEW YORK CITY is the base & headquarters for theZionist syndicate, AIPAC & Associates. The Collusion between Israel & Democratsamounts to Treason. The very reason why New York State is considered the most corrupt, is the fact of theamount of control Zionist have over the Political policies of New York considered a DemocratState. Control of the Governor, Senate & legislation. Highest taxed of all 50 also.Most corrupt.Today no one feels their State is free of the same corruption, when it comes to State and FederalGovernment. This collusion has infiltrated into our legal system, educational system, religious institutions,the food chain, Media, and major corporations. How about the fed. and Wall Street .
The very reason why President Trump ran for the office. He is attempting to educate America as towhat has gone wrong since 1948 the beginning of the collusion, until now. Of course we all knowthat it is not the Democrats alone, there are also the same problem with some of the Republicansthat Trump has also been trying to deal with, he has fired many, and will replace many moreNo one can say that Trump hasn’t  fought tooth & nail for all he promised. He has been the most successfulof all the Presidents. There is plenty more to be done, that is why we need to re-elect him.
The Justice Department, and Homeland Security , have for the previous eight years have been lead byand answered to the deep State and Demo-rats. Committing crimes that we need to demand prosecution of. Hillary Clinton, and the rest.   The  known lies of Adam Schiff , over & over is nothing but perjury to us all.He should face an inquiry as to whom does he work.  Certainly is not representing Americans. His agenda.
We can not ignore the mess the Democrats got us into.  Fight back against their ideals, selfishness, and obstruction. They give Billions to Israel every year, for millions back in campaign financing. Hold them accountable, vote them out of office.   Don’t be fooled by any foreign agenda & influence.
KEEP the 1 St. and 2 Nd.  Amendments—Rid Congress of  Dual Citizenship, and Democrats !

Listen to President Trump:   Support  Trump

Listen to President Trump:   Support  Trump

SWORN ALLEGIANCE TO AMERICA & AMERICANS:‘THIS IS THE BIG ONE’: “President Trump’s Orlando rally isn’t until tomorrow evening, but supporters from across the U.S. have already started lining up.”With tents, sleeping bags and coolers of water in tow, Trump supporters began lining up for Tuesday’s campaign rally in Orlando nearly 2 full days before the event,“There’s going to be a bunch of people, and it’s going to be pretty intense,” said one supporter. “The electricity is going to be high. It’s time for America to get back on its feet and be made better than it’s ever been before.” (SEAN HANNITY)MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN:President Donald Trump is the only politician to swear ALLEGIANCE to America and not to the foreign interest lobby AIPAC & Foreign Country Israel, since Eisenhower.The Democ-RATS & DUAL CITIZENSHIP Congress do not approve of anything for we the people of America, they receive Millions in Campaign Funds & gratuities.The Corruption in all of USA politics has become so ramped nothing gets done by Congress except for taxpayer money being spent in “ALL THE WRONG PLACES”.LOOK at all Trump has done with no co-operation from a single Democrat, think what can be done for AMERICA if we vote the CORRUPT DEMONS “Democrats” out of office. JOIN US IN SUPPORT FOR DONALD TRUMP.THANK YOU for YOUR CONSIDERATION !!Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrumpTogether, we are breaking the most sacred rule in Washington Politics: we are KEEPING our promises to the American People. Because my only special interest is YOU! #Trump 2020

Impeachment should be off the TABLE:

Impeachment should be off the TABLE.
Marshal Law on its way: Alternative News The order titled Manpower Guidance for Activation and Deactivation of Reserve Component (RC) Marines Ordered to Active Duty ISO Defense Support of Civil Authorities details how Marines will be called to “active duty” upon orders from the U.S. Navy.Democrats to Use Civil Unrest to Overthrow Trump!- – Treason The Democrats are coming after your guns Be prepared for the coming Fascism. Protect our Constitution.
The DC: White House won’t cooperate with impeachment inquiry, and… Should American companies  stand against  ANY censorship?
“How can you tell when a Democrat is lying”?-  – – -WHEN THEIR LIPS ARE MOVING.
Marshal Law on its way: Alternative News The order titled Manpower Guidance for Activation and Deactivation of Reserve Component (RC) Marines Ordered to Active Duty ISO Defense Support of Civil Authorities details how Marines will be called to “active duty” upon orders from the U.S. Navy.Democrats to Use Civil Unrest to Overthrow Trump!- – Treason The Democrats are coming after your guns Be prepared for the coming Fascism. Protect our Constitution.
Marshal Law should be used to clean-up  Capital Hill, prison should be a mandate. The civil unrest is against the Dual Citizenship Congress, their Allegiance to Israel, the Zionist Lobby  (AIPAC), and Collusion with a foreign Country. They should be charged with Treason,  corruption, and misappropriate handling of Public funds paid by American tax payers.
Is our Justice Department infiltrated by foreign special interest groups, the same as Homeland Security & agencies they have mishandled of cases such as those that failed to prosecute Hillary Clinton.

Adam Schiff has collusion problems of his own:

Adam Schiff has collusion problems of his own:

Adam Schiff has a real problem with continually making
False statements , and collusion’s  with a foreign Country that is conducting a GENOCIDE , something the
Democrats have been supporting for a long time.  There is no Democracy in  ISRAEL.
Adam Schiff has collusion problems of his own:  He is well known for making false statements, clearly is an untrustworthy Zionist Plant with-in our government, not a one of the DUAL Citizenship Congress members are trustworthy, they all have problems with outright collusion with a foreign power, and accept large amounts of contributions from Lobby s, and other organizations affiliated with such foreign Power. The real threat to America that has been demonstrated several times in the past. They are an Ally to congress and the Democrats. Certainly not to America or Americans.  They have stolen more from us, then they have the Palestinians. Of course he maintains his position because of his being a part of the
Zionist regime that is the largest part of the corruption with-in our government.

They bought out the Democrats, presently changing  OUR way of life , Fascism & Socialism instead of our
Democracy.   Who knows how many Republicans are doing the same.  If we allow that to go any further, it
will change things drastically, and not for the good of us Americans. STOP IT NOW.  VOTE AMERICAN ONLY.
NO DUAL ALLEGIANCE  ANY  MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Notice, the Democrats know TRUMP will beat any Democrat they run. That is why the change, their supporters , financial backers , foreign special interest groups, Lobbies, and campaign funds. TODAY you will find Democrats, sick of all the lies, foreign policy, foreign give a-ways, and the DUAL CITIZENSHIP in Congress, changing their registration to Republican. They want the progress in their communities previously. All Americans now recognize the difference.
Impeachment is another dirty trick that will again blowup in their corrupt maze they built for themselves.
Trump and Republicans give , while Democrats take to give away to Zionist Israel . The Deep State will fall right along with their syndicate continue as it has under Donald Trump, and are supporting him . Minorities are seeing more progress with President Trump in office then they have ever gotten .

Sept.26-2019 Another Democrat scam–Along with the bias corrupted Media . Attack, and Attack  President Trump, the only thing they can do, or point to after 2&1/2 years of it.  Can you name on constructive thing they have done, except allowing last term  abortions in our,Past Christian nation, up until 1948.From then all it has been complete support by the Democrats for Zionist Israel, their anti-Christ atheist  beliefs, a foreign occupation that is carrying on a GENOCIDE of the Palestinian People stealing their land,the Democrats have colluded, and POLLUTED with for 60 years, 89 DUAL CITIZENSHIP Congress members, that had been and should be ILLEGAL. POLLUTING our Media with their ownership & Propaganda,They want to impeach our President, the best we have ever had, for more  of their foreign special interest groups of Monsters, & Mobsters.Who to hell do you  think is the DEEP STATE IS, Trump is after them that is why they are working so hard to get rid of.  In the past they have been successful with their Assassinations (MANY), attacks onour Ships, buildings, and  Constitution.We the people have never been closer to a complete revolution against,the very people that have caused all the  carious, and disregard forus the Tax-payer strapped with the cost burden. None for USA &Americans, all for them, & their Zionist Syndicate .Now they are attempting to take our guns away, and our freedom of speech . “Minorities” and discrimination by the Democrats.  They pay for the problems we are having at the South Border.Republicans and Trump are working to bring good paying jobs to all of the American people. The Democrats want open borders to bring illegals in, to work as Slaves, we all see that. BUT do you see and realize that they then are keeping the lower class workers at below minimum wages,and the poor people living on what little is handed out though the welfare and social service agencies. The cost dumped on each State Government to cover.  State taxes like NEW York with the highest amount of taxes  and most Corrupt, the FEDERAL BUNCH, how ever no State is with out a very large amount of TAXES.IT is more then time to again take to the Streets, protest, march,demon-straight and be prepared to protect what is ours to protect.OUR FREEDOMS  of Religion, our right to education with out foreign intervention , look strong at OUR CAMPUSES and the staff &  Professors.  OUR facilities should be jobs for Americans not foreigners with different AGENDA then MORAL American,not the standers and ideals of immorality of Hollywood (Weinsteins etc),Los Vegas (Adelson’s Whorehouses etc.) and WASHINGTON, DC.full of Politicians with sworn Allegiance to the occupation & Israel.A foreign doctrine , ethics , & Integrity that God chased out of our Holy land, that have now come back to HAUNT a nation formed by our forefathers under God.   No reference against the Jewish people & Faith, only to the thieves, murderers, sex & human trafficking.The Syndicate called  Zionism that the DEMOCRATS such as Pelosi,Schumer, Cohen, Schiff, Levin, Schultz, and the rest along with staff that advise, do to nothing is read by the Congressmen.In God we Trust, we pray for guidance in our mission to shed light on the corruption and take over of much of our wealth & resources .The disrespect shown for our President that was elected by we the People.  The democrat party knows that we will again elect Donald Trump as President in 2020.  They know they are  so done, we cannot wait to stick a fork into each and everyone of such vile people.
Written by me for what it is worth,  care less who agrees or disagrees,that is from my heart and mind in support of doing what is  right.
THINK: Know what we are headed for if we can not bring Peace, and prosperity to the World, that WAR MONGERS of the MIDDLE EAST that continue on an agenda of World control & dominance . DEMAND SANCTIONS AGAINST ISRAEL, AN D KEEP THEM & THEIR ORGANIZATIONS OUT..

STANDING WITH ALISON WEIR, the right thing to do:

If Americans Knew: “This is why we exist”
If Americans Knew: “This is why we exist”
If Americans Knew was born out of Alison Weir’s deep conviction that the oppression of Palestinians at the hand of Israel may finally end if Americans discover the truth about the complicity of the United States in the illegal, immoral occupation. #IStandWithAlisonWeir

Alison Weir has weathered criticism and hate, slander and insults, in the quest for justice for Palestinians. Her organization, If Americans Knew, reconfirmed its reason for existence in the ups and downs of a recent, difficult controversy.
by Kathryn Shihadah

For eighteen years and counting, If Americans Knew has been on the front lines of a battle for a thin slice of the souls of Americans.

The issue is, for some reason, deeply controversial, and the fight has been relentless. But Alison Weir and her small team are single-minded and steadfast because they believe in their cause utterly. They believe Americans will call for justice when they are awakened to compassion for the people of occupied Palestine.

Events over the last several weeks offer an example of the definitive struggle of If Americans Knew, and the essence and the purpose of its existence.

#istandwithalisonweirIn late August, GV Wire, an award-winning news outlet in central California, announced that Alison Weir would be coming to Clovis Community College in Fresno to speak on the topic, “Uncovered: Israel’s occupation of Palestine.”

Alison has spoken hundreds of times, all over the country and around the world. She expects opposition – because rarely does one speak critically of Israel without repercussions – and true to form, Israel partisans attempted to shut down the event.

It started with criticism of the event by several global pro-Israel organizations, among them the American Jewish Committee (AJC) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). They called for the event to be cancelled, making various allegations against Alison, including anti-Semitism and white supremacist affiliation.

These allegations have been used against Alison for years – and for years she has denied them. She has explained in detail, in writing, why the claims are patently false. Yet they persist.

The fact that old, false allegations keep reappearing may suggest that Israel’s defenders don’t do their own research, but rather follow orders from organizations like ADL and AJC. (It also indicates that these groups can’t find anything new to complain about.)

This would explain why, when the criticism moved from remote to up close and personal, the same unsubstantiated accusations kept coming back in inflammatory tweets that exaggerated the false claims even further, including

Her lies are legendary and documented over and over…
lies about Jews repeatedly…
Alison Weir isn’t capable of telling the truth..
Alison Weir is the queen of lies…
she is a bloody liar and an unapologetic racist…
Her lies about Israel and about Jews are well known. It’s been proven over and over again.
Naturally, this uninformed anger* led to plans for confrontation (which caused some of Alison’s colleagues to worry about her safety):

I’m actively organizing protesters for this vile Jew hater..
There will be a huge protest next week in Fresno when she speaks there…
It’s gonna be a peaceful, but loud protest. Really loud…
There will be a huge protest in Fresno…
There will be a huge crowd to protest Alison Weir..
I’ll be bringing a huge number of people.
Ultimately, these protest threats were either a hoax intended to get the event canceled, or the agitators were ordered to stay home: no protest materialized and the evening passed without incident. The auditorium at the Clovis Community College was packed, and the audience listened to every word. The security guards who had been hired to keep the peace instead watched the presentation and applauded at the end.

#istandwithalisonweirAfterwards, many lined up to buy autographed copies of Alison’s book, “Against Our Better Judgment: the hidden history of how the US was used to create Israel.”

The If Americans Knew team considers this a major victory – not because we beat the opposition, or even because the First Amendment was upheld, but because the truth was told to new listeners. And when that happens, hope grows – not just IAK’s hope to make it through another fiscal year, but a much larger hope. A hope that truth will triumph – and proof that regular people can win out over big money and power. To those who routinely follow the dictates of these organizations, we hope you will acknowledge how they have failed to be honest with you, and form your own – enlightened – decisions.

Here’s where the story gets really good.

Imagine all the people
When the online attacks against Alison and IAK got loud, something beautiful happened.

When the opposition got ugly, supporters rose up from all over the world, to bring words of encouragement, to champion the cause that has been so maligned – not IAK’s cause, but the cause of a profoundly oppressed yet resilient people: the Palestinians.

#IStandWithAlisonWeir too. I believe all decent human beings… those with empathy, morals & ethics… & who believe in a better world for everybody, especially those who support all oppressed & victimized people, should stand with Alison too.
When Alison Weir is mentioned, it means that there are no hidden facts, and there is a truth and realistic message that must reach the world. Thank you for your great effort to uncover the truth behind what the Palestinian people are suffering… #IStandWithAlisonWeir
She is a true journalist. A speaker of pure TRUTH…
It is my honor to be of service to our most noble cause in any way that I can and to support messengers of truth such as the distinguished @alisonweir! She is truly one of my present-day heroes!
I’m so proud of you and the existence such a brave woman who can show the truth of occupation without any afraid, so go on and we are behind you. #IStandWithAlisonWeir
We are waiting to hear the facts about the Palestinian people, which no one dares to say. We want to end the occupation that oppresses them. We must continue in order to uncover their crimes.
Alison Weir is a great speaker, and her research is meticulous. I hope everyone gets a copy of her book, Against Our Better Judgement, and checks out all the references at the end. Links to some fascinating newspaper articles dating from the 1940s… it is rare to find such scholarship.
Words of support poured in from Twitter and Facebook, and in emails and phone calls.

And it gets even better.

From Palestine, with love
As much as we value Alison’s supporters, the following messages were even more precious – from our brothers and sisters, the people of Palestine. These are the people for whom Alison and her team wake up every morning. They carry us past the criticism and hate, the slander and insults. This is why we do what we do:

We are here to support your voice in exposing the crimes of Israel that are striving to hide them from the world. We respect your efforts and encourage, your strength that we want to continue.
You are the heroine of the Palestinian people. Thank u so much. #IStandWithAlisonWeir
From Palestine, I support Alison Weir, you are the voice of truth and justice for the Palestinian cause. We need you to uphold justice, end the crimes of the Israeli occupation and support the Palestinian people with their rights.
We thank you so much for your solidarity with the Palestinians and we stand with you, you are a symbol of justice who stand with the truth and defend to injustice of the innocent people and want the world to know the truth. #IStandWithAlisonWeir
We are very proud of you. You are a brave woman who stands against persecution And solidarity with the oppressed and people who are subjected to injustice. #IStandWithAlisonWeir
This is what we are used to, a character who fights with honor and passion to reach the world and present facts that are free of distortion. How wonderful you are Allison Weir.
From the smallest part in the world , From the peace and love land, We send our soldiraty to Alison wier and support her and we thanks her efforts for discovering the fact of israel and the crimes that do it daily againist Unarmed Palestinian. #IstandwithAlisonWeir
For these dear people, we will fight another day. Inshallah full victory will come to them.

America (and world), how’s your soul?

* Some of these tweets and Facebook posts may have come from fake identities created by Israelis. See this.

Kathryn Shihadah is staff writer for If Americans Knew. She blogs at Palestine Home.


Alison Weir speaks in Fresno CA to packed house & enthusiastic applause

#IStandWithAlisonWeir is trending as the Twittersphere supports justice and free speech

A Modest Proposal to the ADL from Alison Weir of If Americans Knew

Why are global organizations attacking a talk at Clovis Community College?

In Israel, religious extremism is pervasive, unchecked

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Book: Against Our Better Judgment
“This provocative book documents a history that is essential in understanding today’s world. Scholarly, yet readable, it is a must for all Americans.”
—James Abourezk, former U.S. Senator

Order Against Our Better Judgment
by Alison Weir on
To invite Alison to give a presentation in your city, please contact us.

Palestinian Loss of Land 1947 to Present
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The Zionist Syndicate WAR MONGERS are at it again. They think they can pull off another FALSE BLACK FLAG operation and their CORRUPT USA PARTNERS  will “LOCK and LOAD” and attack Iran.  WHO is it that has been pushingthe USA to attack every time it is set up. LOOK AT THE FALSE WMD the last time.   The USS Liberty who actually attackedand why.  911 and we have no true results to that,  and who was dancing in the New York Streets, and Israel.  (Mossad)Why are they here in droves.   How many people will be murdered this time for someone else’s benefit.ARE YOU GOING TO  ALLOW  for our Sons & Daugthers, and true patriots to be injuried and killed for the F–King middleEast again and again.    Look at the VETERANS that suffer’s & suffer’s now, the numbers killed, and not taken proper care of,the civilians of Iraq killed was according to  JOHN HOPKIN’S STUDY was 1,200.000  men women & children , civilians murdered .Basically by  a UNITED STATES SECURITY COMPANY  BLACK_WATER, that had a non-bid contract, with immunity, equipment10X better than our troops, paid $160,000  each to wipe comunities off the face of the Earth.   TALK ABOUT ATTACKS. ??
We now have a national Debt of $23–$24  TRILLION,  All for the illegal State of Israel who I would suspect ISRAEL over any one elseWHO BENEFITS MORE — NO  ONE.  What debts  of Israel (NONE), How many Israelis die in these WARS   NONE.  1000-to –one killedin the occupation of Palestine.    BUT OF COURSE,  WHO DEMANDS AND  WHO RESPONDS.



I was a Democrat, when the Party was American,
now that it is being run by Foreign interest groups,
AIPAC, DUAL citizenship congress, Homeland Security
with foreign interest management, and the leadership
is George Soros, Harvey Weinstein, Adelson, and the

I agree that the corruption is both sides of the Isle,
how-ever, Trump is firing plenty of those die hearts,
and their policy’s go with them.
KEEP President Donald Trump and watch the real
change in making America Great Again, and not
the Foreign Zionist Syndicate of occupying illegally
land belonging to Palestine. ISRAEL is conduction
the most grievous Evil campaign, condoned by
our officials. TIME WE CHANGE IT FOR GOOD.
Why do we have a firist amendment, for the very
reason we need to buy GUNS & AMMO.



The Russia Hoax is really a coup:

The Russia Hoax is really a coup:
They are trying to overthrow an elected president and have been lying and breaking the law at every turn to
try and keep the false narrative alive. Hillary, AIPAC, & ISRAELI organizations,
and members of Zionist owned Media, have been behind the attempted coup, Its treason!
It should be prosecuted. (BUT) EVERYBODY in this Israel / American political system that is in place,
includes both parties at the top of every decision made.
President Trump, is the Trump card, we the American People have fighting to make America Great
again, we the people have to unite behind him completely supporting him by voting for American
citizens, not Dual citizens. Insist on our nationality law that was removed by the powerful Zionist
lobbies & Syndicate be REINSTATED. The removal of it was done by President Johnson, he is
the only President that was a Zionist Jew (His Mother was Jewish), with a sworn Allegiance to
the illegal State of Israel COMPLETELY. He was involved with TREASON ACTS , major felony
Crimes against we the people, America, and our Constitution. The FBI had enough evidence on
him that forced him out of running for a second term. Now at this time, the ZIONIST DEEP STATE ,
which everyone is afraid of. (WHY, look at all the assassinations).
Friends, this is not a conspiracy. It is the truth that they will censor, and will not have an OPEN
DEBATE over. THEY REFUSE, they have no defense that is why they will not. JOIN and support
TRUMP, VOTE FOR HIM, donate to his Campaign, if you can’t donate money DONATE TIME
Drain the corrupt : DRAIN THE SWAMP it is a PROMISE.


Sun, Aug 25, 10:50 PM (5 days ago)

to me

FREE U.S.-Israel flap pin

The Jewish state is torn by conflict and under fire from enemies on all sides. But this is not a simple attack on one country, it’s an attack on the Zionist regime in the Middle East.

As the U.S. administration rolls out its plan for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, take a stand in solidarity against those who strive to tear the Holy City from the hearts and hands of the Jewish people by requesting your  US-Jewish people.s Flag Pin that you can   proudly demonstrate your commitment to  the Jewish people, and the Palestinians that suffer so under the rein of terror by the Zionist , that are impostures  of  The good for the benefit of Zionism the real EVIL.


Dear Ronald,

There is no peace in Palestine today because Israel is able to commit crimes against the Palestinians with impunity.

Israel is able to commit crimes with impunity because it has the financial, military, and diplomatic backing of the United States.

The US government is able to sustain its policy of supporting Israel’s crimes because the mainstream media serve to manufacture public consent for it by systematically misinforming the public about the nature of the conflict.

There are numerous fundamental falsehoods that are popularly believed. Actually, these falsehoods are just Zionist propaganda talking points that dominate the public discourse.

Here are 10 such falsehoods:

1. The Palestinian refugee problem is an unfortunate result of the Arab states launching a war of aggression in 1948 to wipe Israel off the map.

2. Israel has a right to exist.

3. In 1967, Israel acted in self-defense by launching a preemptive attack on Egypt.

4. UN Resolution 242 did not require Israel to fully withdraw from the territories it occupied in 1967.

5. The Palestinians have rejected every generous offer from Israel to have a state of their own.

6. Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip is legal — the UN has said so.

7. Israel launched “Operation Cast Lead” only after thousands of rockets had been fired at Israeli towns from Gaza.

8. Palestinian civilians were only killed during operations like “Cast Lead” because they were being used by Hamas as human shields.

9. The finding of the UN “Goldstone Report” that Israel committed war crimes during Operation Cast Lead has been debunked.

10. Hamas was responsible for initiating the round of violence that culminated in Israel’s launching of “Operation Pillar of Defense” in 2012.

So if we want to effect the paradigm shift necessary for a just peace to be realized, how do we answer these Zionists lies?



P.S. — If you get a lot out of this article and would really like to empower yourself with the knowledge to become an effective voice for peace, my bookObstacle to Peace: The US Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is a must-have.

Don’t take my word for it!

Click here to see what others have to say about Obstacle to Peace.

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