To make America great again, several things must happen. See the list below:


!.  American only in government positions:  Reinstate the Nationality Law of 1940

2. Foreign Interest lobbying should be made illegal. AIPAC is complete foreign interest.
3. Campaign financing reform.
4. Foreign Aid, foreign policies need to be changed. No Nation building.
5. Boycott, Divest, and Sanction Israel for Human Rights violations, illegal occupations, and Genocide.
6. Set term limits on Senators & Congress “The House of Rep’s”.
7. National  Security. Build the Wall, enforce our immigration Laws.
8. Audit the federal reserve.has not been done since the 1950″s:
9. Public Reformations at election times for the people to decide instead of controlled false polls.
10. Hold people in public office accountable.

Senate committee approves AIPAC bill to give Israel $38 billion over 10 years, with additional perks

On a recent trip abroad, The Times of Israel spoke with law enforcement sources who confirmed what we have long suspected but preferred not to believe. While law enforcement bodies overseas are devoting considerable effort and resources to tackling binary options, forex, cryptocurrency and other financial fraud emanating from Israel, Israeli police and other law enforcement bodies are not cooperating effectively with these efforts, and at times are actively stonewalling them.

Requests from overseas for help in bringing binary options operatives to justice, for example, are met with an exceedingly slow and partial response, and in some cases with no response at all, the Times of Israel was told. The assertion that “we outlawed binary options” is frequently voiced by Israeli officials, we were told by overseas law enforcement personnel, as though the fact that Israel passed a law last October banning this particular form of fraud means there is no need to bring its many thousands of perpetrators to justice.

Israel becoming a promised land of impunity for crooks and fraudsters?

Over the last decade, Israel has become a global hub of investment scams, employing more than 10,000 citizens — many of them new immigrants and foreign-language speakers — in boiler rooms throughout the country, selling fraudulent binary options, forex, CFDs (contracts for differences) and cryptocurrency investments over the phone and internet to people abroad. Victims are lured into investments under false pretenses, and the vast majority lose their money. When the victim protests, the “broker” more often than not disappears with the money. Binary options fraud alone was estimated to be earning between $5 billion and $10 billion a year before it was banned by a Knesset law that took effect on January 26 of this year. Some binary options operatives have simply ignored the ban, continuing to offer the product from Israel, while others now sell fraudulent forex or cryptocurrency investments, and still others have moved their operations abroad to countries including Russia, Ukraine, Philippines, Panama, Poland, Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Serbia.

What could possess Israel, a tiny country of fewer than 9 million people that is deeply dependent on trade, diplomatic and military ties with Western countries, to stonewall its allies’ efforts to thwart and bring to justice the Israeli criminals who are defrauding these countries’ citizens? In fact, shouldn’t Israel be grateful for any help it can get in tackling what a senior Israel Police officer has acknowledged is its escalating organized crime problem?


The “NOW” in preparation for a Presidential RUN.

The “NOW” in preparation for a Presidential RUN.

As Leader of the Most Corrupt State, New York Governor Pitches Political Reforms


Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced 10 proposals for preventing corruption in state government during his sixth of six “State of the State” addresses held this week statewide.

He acknowledged that there have been “more ethics reforms in the past six years than in the last 60” but still pushed forward his list, noting that those reforms apparently haven’t been enough. He made his speech to about 500 Albany spectators, and the speech was broadcast live.

Some of the governor’s proposals included:

–Constitutional amendments limited legislators’ outside income and imposing term limits;

–Closing the so-called “LLC loophole,” which allows special interests to circumvent campaign contribution limits;

–Making the legislature subject to the state’s Freedom of Information Law;

–A version of public campaign financing; and

–State Inspector General oversight of non-profit organization associated with State University of New York and City University of New York schools.

The SUNY non-profits are at the center of a scandal enveloping a former Cuomo aide and others accused by federal prosecutors of corruption and bid-rigging. He introduced the reforms by listing the ways the public’s trust has been breached by corrupt state politicians.

“It’s happened in the legislature, the comptroller’s office. It’s happened in my own office,” Cuomo said. “…People will do bad things. That’s the nature of humanity, but we’re going to have as many precautions as possible. We’re going to make sure they’re punished to the fullest extent of the law.”

The governor spoke earlier Wednesday in Syracuse, and he’s addressed audiences in Buffalo, New York City, Westchester County and Long Island. He’s made announcements affecting each region and the whole state throughout the tour.

(c)2017 Syracuse Media Group, N.Y.


Part Two Will becoming very soon .





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Fortunately, the American media cover many events in Israel with great detail and thoroughness. Therefore, we are not repeating that coverage here.



Monday, Jun 25.

“As Long as I Am Your President, No One is Ever Going to Stop You From Practicing Your Faith.” – President Donald Trump

 Do You Stand With President Trump in Support of Christianity?

YES! How-ever the human rights violations in the Middle East have      to be stop. Palestine is the victim not Israel, time to sanction.

Thank You President Trump, we have been uncertain of your stand       on Christian Faith. Now lets demonstrate it, regardless of the AIPAC    Zionist control of our congress. They do nothing but give-a-ways.

 Do you remember the story of Sodom & Gomorrah and the destruction of them and why ? 

 The United States was developed as a Christian  Nation, remaining so until 1948.

After 1948 and WW`11 until present times, the United States influenced by

Middle East foreign intervention, The nation has turned its back on Christianity .

Zionism, a political movement, to take over the World, has had a huge impact on

American Politics, and has brought about a nation that now has a moral value

equal to that of the Israeli’s of today. A Zionist State, claiming the occupied territory 

a Jewish State, stealing the Jewish Identity after the holocaust. Turning it into a calamity. 


We can now think of Hollywood, Los Vegas, and Washington, DC in reality being

the same wicked places of immorality as Sodom & Gomorrah and Tel aviv.  

Zionist Israel colonizing the United States Government, Businesses, and religious

values. 89% of our government are dual citizens of an illegal State, our tax dollars

are wasted in the Middle East, while our problems here are completely ignored by

congress. BUT foreign campaign funds have bought out both political parties, thus

the trade off with our dollars.


We are in need of an Independent Party, American ONLY, Christian Only, with

integrity, and values. That is making America great again like it was until 1948.

Certainly prior to President Lyndon Johnson, who was responsible for taking

away our Nationality LAW & promoted the existence of Zionism in America.

Giving 300 nukes to Israel, and removing our GOLD from Fort Knox.


The deaths of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Dr. Martin Luther King will

always raise unanswered questions, the same as with the USS Liberty, 911 ,

the World Trade Center, and falsehood of  WMD in Iraq.


We will no longer be silenced, our Media has been bought out also, thus it is

fake News.  Journalist know how hampered they are, knowing their careers,

with many, many cases of  lives being lost when not complying with censorship.


 When things of value were more then an inflated price TAG of the broker middle man. 

 We will demand accountability of  all  officials, prosecution of the corruption

involved, and removal of AIPAC as an American lobby, there is sufficient proof

that it is foreign interest ONLY. 

 Back 2000 years ago, Angels were sent to tell Lot to pack his family and leave, they

were the only people living a respectable & moral life.

 Right now today, every one is feeling like something is wrong, there is something

in the air, things are just not right. Well folks they are not, we are living with Fake

News, Fake money, Fake Government, False Medicine, False Allies,  A Fake economy,

A false sense of Security.

 This time the wicked Zionist have spread their doctrine and wicked practice all over

 the World, BUT Gods word has also been delivered to all corners of this Earth, we know

he must be Angry, Angrier then ever before, wouldn’t you be ? May be we are with out

realizing what is it that keeps us disturbed. 

 People, we have to prepare for some real ruff times, they are coming no matter if

it is the  end of the World or Not.   One thing is for sure, if we are a Christian Nation

we must make sure the peoples government acts accordingly.

 How do we do that, we arm ourselves as Christian Soldiers, pick up our Swords,

which means our” BIBLES” and March on the Capital in DC and each State Capital.

Let our representatives know that we are sick of the human rights violations, the

genocide of Palestinian people. Our religious & Political representatives are well

aware of the TRUTH, the Jewish people themselves are anti-Zionist, and want


 All but one sanction delivered at the United Nation was vetoed by the USA.

There needs to be sanctions against Israel. Boycott, Divest, and Sanction.

 The real reality, this should be an international protest of all faiths against the

Atrocities of Israel and the United States governments. If you need proof of

such read, contact, and support “IF AMERICANS KNEW”.

 The entire World community needs to take action, NOW !!

 Support Humanity:


 Ronald L. Waldron      Drain  The  Corrupt




President Trump, It is TIME to PULL the PLUG:

President Trump:

Do we have enough Prison cells to house all the Corrupt officials in Washington, DC ? Then State Officials.

Heading to another  BIG  HOUSE  on the  HUDSON River.
We can picture many more that should join Hillary.
Fact is the 89% of congress that are dual citizens
should be JAILED along with her..

Miss Piggy had a bad hair day!


Next ALBANY, NEW YORK–The most corrupt
State Government in the USA.
Start with the Governor & his Comptroller all
monies go to their NYC friends & associates,
none to Western NY. Or southern Tier.
Of course we all know that the AIPAC Policy
center has State Officials under their control
the same as our congress in DC.     
The two worst educational public school systems
in the State are Buffalo and Jamestown,NY.
They also receive the biggest cuts in State funding
of any in the State.



According to his wife, who insists that George Papadopoulos has nothing to do with Russia, he was facing criminal charges of being a spy for Israel.
An attentive reader of her interview will note that Mangiante at no point denied that it was true.,

The strange love affair of Putin, Netanyahu & Trump.







Russian, Israeli & Trump collusion.

The Zionist political movement supported by AIPAC.

Mr. Mueller, you add 2 + 2 and come up with 3 how can that be.

JUST, conspiracy theory RIGHT.


In God we trust, BUT Not the PAPER it is written on.

Even CNN is beginning to LOVE Trump!!


Drain The Corrupt :

This domain is for sale  at this time. 

The following of this domain is huge,  even though

we have been censored, blocked, monitored etc by facebook, google, and BIG brother. 

NO complaint by us has been followed by any agency or political

party, or Media outlet.

Active contacts that helped the Trump Campaign 2016.

2,862 Campus connections at Student Organizations.

393 Professors and Advisers  

Several more contacts at organizations & Ethnic publications, no actual count is available,

How-ever are listed on hard drives that will be included in this Sale.

All information on Hard drives was in conjuction to our campaign goals for Obama.

His primary win against Hillary that surprised all.  AND we stayed ahead of him on the Campaign trail.    We also headed the ” United we Stand” activity.

We are beginning to get more involved with Anti-Zionist groups & Organizations, and of course recently B.D.S.

The price for this domain is $85K.  We will be consumed on a much different venture very soon. Realizing of course how much more valuable this Domain will be after 2018, and heading into 2020 Elections.

Contact the present owner Ron at  E-mail    if interested.

 The REAL NEED for B.D.S ( Boycott, Divest, Sanction) Israel for the atrocities & Human Rights Violations

1.  IOF encroaches on Palestinian property

2. Israel warned Razan Najjar that she was ‘targeted’ days before its firing squad were ordered to kill

3. Israel wants to change the law so it doesn’t have to defend itself before “a court” every time it steals Palestinian land.

4.Women in Gaza risk death to tell the world they’ll never forget their legitimate right to return to their stolen home

5. year-olHaitham al-Jamal is the 15th Palestinian child to be deliberately killed by Israel in just over 2 months

6.Israel arrests renowned Palestinian cartoonist Mohammad Sabaaneh & confiscates one of his most notable artworks.

7.Israel’s “navy” opens fire with machine guns on Palestinian fishing boats sailing legally inside Gaza’s own waters

No MEDIA coverage of the posters in Israel.

Is that America First ?  

Israel, AIPAC, Congress, and Affiliates is the Corrupt Swamp

that needs to be  DRAINED.. NO ACTION TO DATE !!

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